17/7/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Loop Europa’ tracklist

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There had been several previous such tours on The Kitchen Sink before this, including, if memory serves, a couple around and across Europe, a couple of transglobal expeditions, and one around Africa. The theme allows a diverse selection of sounds, as evidenced by the menu of this programme…….

1) Hexenschuss (NL) – Are You Multifocal? /from ‘Gobbledegook’/ 2017
More info: https://www.hexxenschuss.com/
2) Guts Pie Earshot (D) – It’s Never New /from ‘Chapter Two Volume One’/ Big House Records 2005
More info: http://www.gutspieearshot.de/
3) Marta Heberle (PL) – Black Rainbow /from the ‘SHAPE PLATFORM 2016’ collection/ Shape Platform/The Wire 2016
More info: http://shapeplatform.eu/artist/marta-heberle/
4) TOLE (CZ) – DogBagDisorder /from the ‘SHAPE PLATFORM 2016’ collection/ Shape Platform/The Wire 2016
More info: http://shapeplatform.eu/2016/tea-with-tole-an-interview-with-martin-kohout/
5) Jacques Kustod (SK) – Bizarre Space Objects /from ‘I Am Deranged’/ Evocative Objects 2017
More info: https://soundcloud.com/jacques-kustod/sets/jacques-kustod-i-am-deranged http://evocativeobjects.com/
6) Bulbul (A) – The Lack Of The Key /from ‘Bulbul’/ Trost Records 1998
More info: https://bulbul.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-eisen
7) Lophorina (CH) – Mediterranean /from ‘Lophorina’ E.P/ Modell 2012
More info: https://lophorina.bandcamp.com/
8) Felicia Atkinson (F) – Visnaga /from ‘Hand In Hand’/ Shelter Press 2017
More info: https://feliciaatkinson.bandcamp.com/
9) Kosmose (B) – The Second Untitled Track B.93.1 /from ‘Kosmic Music From The Black Country’/ Sub Rosa 2015
More info: https://www.subrosa.net/en/catalogue/soundworks/kosmose.html

Plus, as this was the last broadcast before a summer break, on a sultry July evening…….

10) Fennesz (A) – Endless Summer /from ‘Endless Summer’/ Editions Mego 2001
More info: http://www.fennesz.com/

Of course the summer did end, rather abruptly in Central Europe, but autumn means the start of another university semester and hence more sonic excursions on The Kitchen Sink coming up very soon!

Til the next time, wishing anyone perusing this many an aural delight, S.

Listen to the programme here:



12/6/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Out There!’ tracklist

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Unconventional or eccentric; in or at places regarded as distant or remote. The first definition might be applied to some of the sonic contents of  ‘Out There!’, and the second in the extreme of space or other dimensions. I also wanted the title of the programme to reference being ‘out there’ on the streets, because sounds inspired/catalysed by conditions on the streets of major cities in the U.S, revolutionary sounds, are integral in the mix, both those from the late 60’s/early 70’s and, through Moor Mother and Matana Roberts, those of today.

The show opened with a classic…..

1) Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Going To Go /from ‘Curtis’/ Buddah Records 1970
2) Albert Ayler Trio – Spirits /from ‘Spiritual Unity’/ ESP Disk 1965
More info: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/spiritual-unity-albert-ayler-esp-review-by-mark-corroto.php
3) Amiri Baraka – Who Will Survive America /1972, included on the ‘Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1967-1974’ collection/ Light In The Attic Records 2012
More info: https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poet/amiri-baraka
4) Moor Mother – Dry Time Machine /from ‘Fetish Bones’/ Don Giovanni Records 2016
More info: https://www.blackquantumfuturism.com/about  http://qujunktions.com/artists/moor-mother
5) Alice Coltrane – Battle At Armageddon /from ‘Universal Consciousness’/ Impulse! 1971
6) Sly & The Family Stone – I Want To Take You Higher /from ‘Stand!’/ Epic Records 1969
7) Sun Ra with Thea Barbara – Recollections Of There /from ‘Space Probe’/ Art Yard 2011
More info: http://www.sunraarkestra.com/  http://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/sun-ra-space-probe-cd/ARTYARD.011CD.html
8) Kain – I Ain’t Black /from ‘The Blue Guerrilla’/ Juggernaut Records 1970
9) Matana Roberts – j.p. /from ‘Coin Coin Chapter Three River Run Thee’/ Constellation Records 2015
More info: http://www.matanaroberts.com/  http://cstrecords.com/matana-roberts/
10) Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (Alt. mix) /from the 2005 reissue of ‘Maggot Brain’/ Westbound Records 1971

That alternative mix, also recorded in 1971, of the mighty title track from Funkadelic‘s third album bringing the sonic journey to a close……Wish you many an aural delight, S.

Due to some technical issues, the volume of the introductions is very low, but you can enjoy the music here:


22/5/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Beyond The Fjords – Sonic Explorations From Norway’ tracklist

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With the Czech Republic currently struggling beneath the heavy oppressive heat usually associated with the Balkans at this time of year, but lacking the opportunities to dive into cooling waters offered by that areas western, southern and eastern  coastlines, now (5.28 a.m, 28.2 degrees celsius) appears a good time to turn the mind to Norway’s deep blue fjords.

Back in 2002, The Wire magazine issued an excellent compilation of sounds entitled ‘Fjord Focus: A Norwegian Sampler’; excellent sounds, but the title, besides bringing a certain car to mind, also left something to be desired in its intimation that all of the artists and their work was influenced by the country’s numerous long inlets. Many of those whose work is on the collection are urban dwellers and the sounds they produce aren’t inspired by glacial channels and don’t bring them to mind. For instance, Kim Hiorthoy was born and grew up in the northern city of Trondheim, studied there and in Copenhagen, and currently resides in Berlin – his track Tak induces thoughts of many things – childhood play, a certain wistfulness,  experimental sounds in a similar vein by the Japanese producer Cornelius – but not fjords…..  When trying to come up with a title for the collection of sounds from Norway featured on The Kitchen Sink towards the end of May, having had it pointed out that many of the artists on the intended menu similarly reside in urban environments such as Oslo and Bergen (and, in the case of Giorgio Moroser, NYC), it was tough to come up with something connected to the country but suggesting a wider palette of influences – ‘Beyond The Fjords’ was as close as I could get.
So, to the sounds on the menu , starting in the capital with…..

1) Hedvig Mollestad Trio – In The Court Of The Trolls /from ‘Black Stabat Mater’/ Rune Grammofon 2016
More info: http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/hedvig-mollestad-trio/  https://soundcloud.com/hedvigmollestadtrio
2) Shining – Stalemate Longan Runner /from ‘Grindstone’/ Rune Grammofon 2007
More info: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/grindstone-shining-rune-grammofon-review-by-john-kelman.php
3) Hanne Hukkelberg – Cast Anchor /from ‘Little Things’/ Propeller Recordings 2004, Leaf 2005
More info: http://www.hannehukkelberg.com/
4) Moon Relay – ////////L /from ‘Moon Relay’/ Fysisk Format 2014
More info: http://www.fysiskformat.no/wp_ff/roster/moon-relay/  https://moonrelay.bandcamp.com/album/moon-relay
5) Barchan – Soliton (intro) /from ‘Soliton’/ Silken Tofu 2015
More info: https://silkentofu.bandcamp.com/album/soliton
6) Jenny Hval & Susanna – I Have Walked This Body /from ‘Meshes Of Voice’/ SusannaSonata 2014
More info: http://susannasonata.com/product/meshes-of-voice-jenny-hval-susanna/
7) Giorgio Moroser – Horrific /from ‘Giorgio Moroser’/ 2016
More info: https://giorgiomoroser.bandcamp.com/releases
8) 1982 – 04.09 /from ‘Chromola’/ Hubro 2017
More info: http://hubromusic.com/   (includes fjord image!)
9) Nils Okland – Straum /from ‘Straum’/ Rune Grammofon 2000
More info: http://nilsokland.no/
10) Phonophani – Fertiliser /from ‘Genetic Engineering’/ Rune Grammofon 2001
More info: https://soundcloud.com/phonophani  http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/phonophani/rcd-2016-phonophani-genetic-engineering-cd/

Starting in Oslo, finishing in Bergen with Espen Sommer Eide‘s Phonophani project. Thanks this time are due to James Welburn for the monolithic Barchan track and pointing out the urban origins/residences of many of the artists, and Christian Naess of Moon Relay. And to you, for reading this! S.

Listen to the programme here:

8/5/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Zeds Ain’t Dead!’ tracklist/Memory Lane

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Memory Lane is prone to flooding, blanketing by briars, deterioration due to neglect, and destruction through the schemes of planners. Travelling down it isn’t straightforward, no matter how far the desired destination. Take, for example, 1982 and the interior of Parrot Records’ original shop in Balkerne Passage, Colchester. The frayed and cigarette-burnt faded red carpet is clear, but what are in the racks which surround it? Filed under Z? And how were they filed – Rock A-Z, and then separate sections for blues, jazz, reggae? I recall the secondhand section being by the counter, but otherwise all is unclear despite the many hours spent there, first as an almost penniless schoolboy customer, dinner-money saved sufficient for one 7” single, and then during time spent working there.
This trip down the Lane, into the Passage (early singles by that Manchester band amongst the first purchased at the shop), prompted by the focus on artists beginning with the last letter of the alphabet which provided the sonic menu for a programme early in May. Of the artists played, probably only Frank Zappa was to be found in the Z section of the Parrot Records  racks; Rubella Ballet (featuring vocalist Zillah Minx, in case you are wondering about the Z connection) released their Ballet Bag in 1982, but this package, containing cassette, poster, lyric book and badge, was on display behind the counter.  Zorch had recorded Adrenalin seven years previously, but it wasn’t released until 2000, by which time the Balkerne Passage shop had long been closed, taking residence somewhere on Memory Lane.

1) Z – Zushiki Man /from ‘Mikabe’/ Transduction Records 2007
More info: https://transductionrecords.com/artists/z
2) Za Siodma Gora – Adam i Jego Koledzy /from ‘Rogalow – Piosenki ku pokrzepieniu serc’/ Obuh 2008
More info (Polish): http://obuh.serpent.pl/zsg.html
3) Tapper Zukie – Push I Some Dub /1976, included on the ‘Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown’ collection/ EMI 2001
More info: http://reggaelicious.pbworks.com/w/page/8800196/Tapper%20Zukie
4) Rubella Ballet – T /from ‘Ballet Bag/ Xntrix Records 1982
More info: https://rubellaballet.bandcamp.com/   http://www.darkentriesrecords.com/store/vinyl/rubella-ballet-ballet-bag-lp/#tab-description
5) Zorch – Adrenalin (Return of the Elohim Pt.1) /from the ‘Close To The Noise Floor – formative uk electronica 1975-1984’ collection/ Cherry Red Records 2016
More info: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/close-to-the-noise-floor-formative-uk-electronica-1975-1984/
6) Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention – Hungry Freaks, Daddy /from ‘Freak Out!’/ Verve Records 1966
More info: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/14/books/review/zappa-freak-out.html
7) Pamela Z – Declaratives In The First Person /from the ‘Below The Radar 2’ collection/ The Wire magazine 2016
More info: http://www.pamelaz.com/
8) E – Great Light /from ‘E’/ Thrill Jockey Records 2016
More info: http://www.thrilljockey.com/products/e-e
9) Stephen O’Malley & Z’EV – 8m 39s From 1m 18s From 4m 55s-6m 13s – 18 Track Submix /from ‘Magistral’/ Southern Lord Records 2007
More info: https://www.southernlord.com/releases/view/magistral-1  https://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Magistral/Magistral/161740/
10) Carlos Zingaro – Outsiders /from the ‘Exploratory Music From Portugal 04’ collection/ Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 2004
More info: http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/mzingaro.html

Clearing up another possible query regarding ‘Z’ connections – E include guitarist/vocalist Thalia Zedek. Back down Memory Lane, I’m trying to recall if Tapper Zukie was filed under T or Z in the reggae section…….Sunlight bright through the window,  bringing back the motes of dust dancing in the air above the racks at Balkerne Passage, summer of 1982….
Wishing anyone perusing this many an aural delight, S.

Listen to the programme here:

15/4/2017 TKS Presents: ‘&, &, &, And &’ tracklist

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Duos & collaborations were on the menu for this sonic voyage, broadcast live on Radio R one Saturday afternoon back in April……

1) Faust vs. Dalek – T-Electronique /from ‘Derbe Respect, Alder’/ Staubgold Records 2004
2) MV & EE with the Bummer Road – Canned Happiness /from ‘Green Blues’/ Ecstatic Peace Records 2006
3) A.R. & Machines – Als Hatt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen /from ‘Die Grune Reise’/ Polydor 1971
4) Chris And Cosey – Re-Education Through Labour /from ‘Trance’/ Rough Trade 1982
5) Pinch & Moving Ninja – False Flag /from the ‘Tectonic Plates Volume 2’ collection/ Tectonic 2009
6) Fax & Alex Ayuli – Spellbound /from ‘Collaborations & Remixes’/ Static Discos 2005
7) Millie & Andrea – Back Down /from ‘Drop The Vowels’/ Modern Love 2014
8) Godley & Creme – Babies /1981 b-side, from the ‘Metal Dance 2’ collection/ Strut Records 2013
9) Damon & Naomi with Ghost – The Mirror Phase /from ‘Damon & Naomi with Ghost’/ Sub Pop Records 2000
10) Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld – The Sun Roars Into View /from ‘Never Were The Way She Was’/ Constellation Records 2015

A dark and diverse collection, I hope you’ll agree!
Wishing you many a simlar sonic delight, S.

Check out the programme here:

3/4/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Rain’n’Cats’n’Dogs’ tracklist

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Yep, it was rain ‘n’ cats ‘n’ dogs back at the beginning of April on The Kitchen Sink, thankfully not meteorologically, there being no deluge in the studio, but the well-known 17th century phrase did provide the inspiration for a nicely diverse sonic focus…..

1) Faust – It’s A Rainy Day, Sunsine Girl /from ‘Faust So Far’/ Polydor 1972
2) Elodie Lauten – Cat Counterpoint /from ‘Piano Works Revisited’/ Unseen Worlds 2010
3) Pere Ubu – Use Of A Dog /from ‘Song Of The Bailing Man’/ Rough Trade 1982
4) Brigitte Fontaine – Il Pleut /from the ‘Dirty French Psychedelics’ collection/ Dirty 2009
5) Robert Petway – Catfish Blues /from ‘The Rough Guide To Delta Blues’/ World Music Network 2002
6) Broken Heart Collector – Get The Dog /from ‘Broken. Heart. Collector’/ Discorporate Records 2011
7) Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today /from ‘Scott 3’/ Phonogram Ltd 1969
8) Evangelista – Paper Kitten Claw /from ‘Hello, Voyager’/ Constellation Records 2008
9) Devendra Banhart – Dogs They Make Up The Dark /from ‘Rejoicing In The Hands’/ Young God Records 2004
10) The Tinklers with X.X.O.O. – Black Dog /from the ‘Black Dog E.P’/ Music a la Coque 2001
11) Zappa/Mothers – Dog Breath In The Year Of The Plague /from ‘Meat Light’/ Zappa Records 2016
12) Disco Inferno – Scattered Showers /from ‘The 5 EPs’/ One Little Indian Records 2011
13) Meg Baird – Even Rain /from ‘Seasons On Earth’/ Wichita Recordings 2011
14) Amon Duul II – Sandoz In The Rain (Improvisation) /from ‘Yeti’/ Liberty Records 1970

That classic, considered by some as one of the launching pads the space rock genre, brought the show to an end on a night when, though I might have passed one of the neighbourhood stray cats on the way home, I don’t recall encountering any canines or the showers which the fourth month is associated with…
Wishing you many an aural pleasure! S.

Interested in this sonic selection? Listen here:

27/3/17 TKS Presents: ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ tracklist

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This sonic excursion was hit badly by the technical issues which have plagued the studio software for an age. An hour of gems connected to the title had to be reduced to a little over forty minutes and, while sex was well-represented, the drug-related tracks were feasted upon by the radio gremlins until only one remained. And the track which best encapsulated the title, New York Dolls‘ classic Looking For A Kiss, proved so emasculated in its’ digital form (like a dream for vinyl lovers to show that format’s superiority), that it had to be left out……
All of which left the following octet of delights…….

1) The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog (alternate vocal) /from ‘The Stooges’/ Elektra 1969 (bonus track from 2005 reissue)
2) Jenny Hval – Kingsize /from ‘Apocalypse, girl’/ Sacred Bones Records 2015
3) Howlin’ Wolf – Built For Comfort /from the ‘His Best’ collection/ Chess Records/Universal 1997
4) Flipper – Sex Bomb /from ‘Album – Generic Flipper’/ 1982, Domino Recording Co. 2009
5) Lil Johnson – You’ll Never Miss Your Jelly /from ‘Oh, Run Into Me, But Don’t Hurt Me! Female Blues Singers Rarities 1923-1930’/ Sub Rosa Records 2008
6) The Gun Club – Sex Beat /from ‘Fire Of Love’/ New Rose Records 1982
7) Spacemen 3 – Come Down Easy /from ‘The Perfect Prescription’/1987, Fire Records 2012
8) Patrick Cowley – Deep Inside You /from ‘Muscle Up’/ Dark Entries Records 2015

And that seductive slice of sound brought the voyage to a premature conclusion…..Tracks which the gremlins wouldn’t let play included Run Run Run by Velvet Underground, Adolescent Sex by Japan, and Roxy Music‘s classic In Every Dream Home A Heartache – so, yes, even if all the planned tracks had played, sex would still have dominated!

Wishing you all many a sonic delight, S.

Listen here: