TKS Presents: Alphabetical Emissions#4 ‘D’ Tracklist

Light slipping from a grey Thursday as I look back to the tracks played on The Kitchen Sink on Monday night. The subject was artists beginning with the letter ‘D’. Yes, this is a sign that I was short of time when musing over a theme for the programme – what could be easier than scanning my CD shelves for artists beginning with one letter of the alphabet? All that remained was to try to pick a suitably diverse selection and ponder which tracks went well together. Of course, being indecisive, this still left me with some time-consuming business, leading to a spot of head-scratching to accompany the consumption of several coffees (sorry connoisseurs, I have to admit they were of the instant variety – shake your heads in disgust if you must!) and one or two sweet snacks.

The results of the previously-mentioned inner-debate and caffeine intake was as follows, starting, as is my wont, with something of a bang, in  this case, the highly-influential Stoke-on-Trent punks, whose name has adorned many a leather jacket over the years….

1)DISCHARGE – PROTEST AND SURVIVE /from ‘Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing’/originally 1982, reissued by

Captain Oi Records 2003

2)DIAGRAM BROTHERS – HEY DAD! /from ‘Peel Sessions’ (1980-82)/LTM 2011

3)DON CABALLERO – UNRESOLVED KARMA /from ‘Singles Breaking Up (Vol.1)/Touch And Go 1999

4)DUNAJ – THE CIRCLE HAS CLOSED /from ‘Dudlay’/Bonton Music 1993

5)DJ BALLI – SKATEBORED IS NOT SKATEBOARD /from ‘In Skateboard We Noize!’/Sonic Belligeranza 2011

6)DAMON – DON’T YOU FEEL ME /originally from ‘Song Of A Gypsy’ 1968, included on the compilation ‘Forge Your Own

Chains’/Now Again Records 2009

7)DJ SHADOW – STEM/LONG STEM /from ‘Endtroducing’/Mo’Wax 1996

8)D.A.F – DER RAUBER UND DER PRINZ /from ‘Alles Ist Gut’/Mute Records 1981

9)DEERHOOF – EAGURU GURU /from ‘Offend Maggie’/Kill Rock Stars 2008

10)DISTANCE – TRAVELS /from the compilation ‘Swarf Pot’/Ringo Recordings 2010

11)DINOSAUR JR – SLUDGEFEAST /from ‘You’re Living All Over Me’/Merge Records 1987

12)DEMDIKE STARE – REPOSITORY OF LIGHT /from ‘Voices Of Dust’/Modern Love 2010

That lengthy ambient-tinged piece by the Manchester duo ended the week’s delve into the ‘D’s. Hopefully, any listeners found the sounds delicious, delightful or possibly delectable, rather than some more negative adjective! Any comments on the sounds played will be very welcome.

For now, wishing you many a sonic delight – Shiny.


~ by theshinybeast on November 24, 2011.

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