12/3/2012 ‘Sound+Vision Film Quiz 2’ and 19/3/2012 ‘NY Sonic Melting Pot’ tracklists

Musing over alternative lyrics to Nolan Strong & The Diablos 1954 doo-wop classic ‘The Wind’ as I settle down to log the tracks played on both this week’s show, which featured a great cover of the above-mentioned song, and last week’s film quiz.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Starting with the film quiz – a dozen tasty slices from soundtracks which, whether correctly identified by listeners or not, hopefully provided an entertaining sixty minutes. Before the quiz, it was to the track from which its title was taken……

1)DAVID BOWIE – SOUND&VISION /from ‘Low’/ RCA 1977  More info: http://www.davidbowie.com/

2)VANGELIS – BLADE RUNNER (End Titles) /from ‘Blade Runner’/ Warners 1994


4)MICHAEL NYMAN – ALL IMPERFECT THINGS /from ‘THE PIANO’/ Virgin 1993                                                                      More info:http://www.michaelnyman.com/

5)CLINT MANSELL+KRONOS QUARTET – SUMMER OVERTURE /from ‘REQUIEM FOR A DREAM’/ Nonesuch 2000   More info: http://www.clintmansell.com/

6)MICHAL LORENC – TANIEC ELENY /from ‘BANDYTA’/ Loomaton 1997 More info:http://michallorenc.com/

7)THE CIRCLE JERKS – WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN /from ‘REPO MAN’/ MCA 1984                                                                More info: http://www.alexcox.com/dir_repoman.htm

8)CURTIS MAYFIELD – PUSHERMAN /from ‘SUPERFLY’/ Rhino 1972 More info: http://curtismayfield.com/

9)JIRI SUST&JIRI SLITR – BATH OF MILK /from ‘DAISIES’/ Finders Keepers 2009                                                                 More info: http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/discog_fkr013.html

10)ENNIO MORRICONE – L’UOMO DELL’ARMONICA /from ‘ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST’/ RCA 1972             More info: http://www.enniomorricone.it/uk/news.php

11)ANGELO BADALAMENTI – THE PINK ROOM /from ‘TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME’/ Warner Bros 1992      More info: http://www.angelobadalamenti.com/

12)GABRIEL YARED – C’EST LE VENT, BETTY /from ‘BETTY BLUE’/ Virgin 1986                                                                            More info: http://www.gabrielyared.com/

13)JURGEN KNIEPER – THE SKY OVER BERLIN /from ‘WINGS OF DESIRE’/ Mute Records 1988                                            More info: http://www.wim-wenders.com/bio/juergen_knieper_bio.htm

14)ANGELO BADALAMENTI – MOVING THROUGH TIME /from ‘Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me’/ Warner Bros 1992

That second track from Angelo Badalamenti’s typically atmospheric score for David Lynch’s film prequel &/or sequel to his Twin Peaks tv series, moved us through time and to the end of another show……

After a pause much larger than that evident from the above gap, during which the ingredients for a pot of pasta sauce have been introduced to each other and left to simmer together, it’s back to the tracks and back to Monday’s ‘NY Sonic Melting Pot’ programme. Due to lack of time, I was unable to put together the in-depth delving into the Big Apple’s diverse sounds and cultures which Kris Needs excellent ‘Watch The Closing Doors’ compilation and booklet had inspired, but hopefully the following tracks captured something of the sonic flavour of the city…..

1)IMPLOG – HOLLAND TUNNEL DIVE /originally Lust/Unlust single 1980(?), included on ‘New York Noise Vol.3’/ Soul Jazz Records 2006 More info: http://www.donchristensen.com/about.php

2)LENNIE TRISTANO SEXTET – INTUITION /originally 1949, from ‘Lennie Tristano & Warne Marsh Intuition’/ Capitol 1996  More info: http://www.lennietristano.com/

3)NINNI MORGIA & WILLIAM PARKER – PRISM VI /from ‘Prism’/ Ultramarine records 2010                                       More info: http://www.aumfidelity.com/parker.html   http://www.ultramarinerecords.com/site/artists/ninni-morgia-william-parker/

4)PETER ORLOVSKY – AMERICA GIVE A SHIT & 5)MY MOTHER’S MEMORY POEM / from ‘The Three Angels: Original Beat Poetry’/ Barely Breaking Even 2001   More info: http://www.boppin.com/orlovsky.html

6)THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – EUROPEAN SON /from ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’/ Verve 1967              More info: http://www.thevelvetunderground.co.uk/

7)MACHITO – MAMBO MUCHO MAMBO /1955, from the ‘Watch The Closing Doors Vol.1’ compilation/ Year Zero 2011 More info: http://jazz.about.com/od/latinjazz/p/Machito.htm

8) RAMONES – I WANNA BE YOUR BOYFRIEND (demo) /1975, bonus track on ‘Ramones’/Warner 2001 More info: http://ramonesworld.com/

9)SUICIDE – SUPER SUBWAY COMEDIAN /bonus track on ‘The Second Album’/ Blast First 1998                                        More info: http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/suicide.htm

10)LAURA NYRO & LABELLE – THE WIND /from ‘Gonna Take A Miracle’/ Columbia 1971                                                More info: http://www.lauranyro.com/

11)MICE PARADE – FOCUS ON THE ROLLER COASTER /from ‘Obrigado Saudade’/ Fat Cat 2004                               More info: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/mice-parade-p310872

12)GIL SCOTT-HERON – SMALL TALK AT 125th & LENOX /from ‘Small Talk At 125th & Lenox’/ RCA 1970          More info: http://gilscottheron.net/

13)GLENN BRANCA – LESSON No.1 FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR /from ‘Lesson No.1’/ Acute 1980                                    More info: http://www.glennbranca.com/

14)STEVE REICH – NEW YORK COUNTERPOINT 1 Fast /from the ‘Phases’ collection/ Nonesuch 2006                      More info: http://www.stevereich.com/

And, having entered The Big Apple via Don Christensen’s ‘Holland Tunnel Dive’, it was with a taste of Steve Reich that New York City’s sonic melting-pot was left; the sounds remained in my head as I walked Brno’s late night pavements home, however, and I’m sure it won’t be long before another of the city’s artists features on the programme….Philip Glass….DNA….Talking Heads….so many I could have played, given more time!

For now, wish you many a sonic delight – Shiny.


~ by theshinybeast on March 21, 2012.

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