8/10/2012 ‘Italia Sonica’ tracklist

One mustn’t use lyrics by a certain disgraced glam rock star, so I’ll just begin by saying hello, hello, it’s grand to be back! For last night’s first live show after the summer break the focus fell on Italian music, not Verdi, Puccini and their operatic ilk, not Rafaella Carra and Topo Gigio, or (one of my mother’s faves) Domenico Modugno with his 1958 smash ‘Nel blu, dipinto di blu’,; no, it was the experimental side of the musical spectrum we were mostly travelling on – from ambient atmospherics to metallic beatings, starting with

1)FRANCO BATTIATO – IL SILENZIO DEL RUMORE /from ‘Pollution’/ 1972, reissued Indimentic 1998                  More info: http://www.battiato.it/  http://www.dustedmagazine.com/reviews/3239

2)ARMANDO SCIASCIA – CIRCUITO CHIUSO /originally from ‘Impressions In Rhythm & Sound’, included on the collection ‘Psych-Funk 101’/ World Psychedelic Funk Classics 2009

3)UFOMAMMUT – BLOTCH /from ‘Snailking’/ Supernatural Cat 2004                                                                                            More info: http://www.ufomammut.com/

4)K-CONJOG – UNTITLED 155 /from ‘Set Your Spirit Freak!’/ Abandon Building 2012                                                          More info: http://www.abandonbuilding.com/

5)STELVIO CIPRIANI – LA POLIZIA STA A GUARDARE / 1973, from the collection ‘Roma Violenti: La Cinevox si Incazza’/ Cinevox 2000

6)THE GROUP – THE FEED-BACK /from ‘The Feed-back’/  RCA Italia 1970                                                                            More info:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gruppo_di_Improvvisazione_di_Nuova_Consonanza 

7)ENRICO CONIGLIO – THE VOID /from ‘Snowscapes Of Tomorrow’/ Psychonavigation 2011                                 More info: http://www.enricoconiglio.com/

8)LENTO – NEED /from ‘Earthen’/ Supernatural Cat 2007                                                                                                                  More info: http://www.deafsparrow.com/Lento-Interview.htm

9)MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – THE ANTIGRAVITATIONAL SENSE OF NOTHINGNESS /from the triple box set ‘What Space Is Made For’/ Elliptical Noise 2011                                                                                                                                              More info: http://www.mycatisanalien.com/

10)COMANECI – ON MY PATH /from ‘You A Lie’/ Madcap Collective 2009                                                                              More info: http://www.madcapcollective.com/

11)MORKOBOT – MORTO 1 /from ‘Morto’/ Supernatural Cat 2008                                                                                                   More info: http://www.morkobot.org/     http://www.supernaturalcat.com/

With that long demonstration of the sonic battering which can be wrought by two basses and drums (difficult to believe there isn’t another instrument involved in the assault), our brief exploration of Italian sounds came to an end. Unfortunately, due to the lottery which is Ceska Posta, I was unable to include sounds from Pino Montecalvo’s Bari label Music a la Coque – hopefully one of the two collections he’s sent me won’t be ‘lost’ by the wonderful Czech postal service.

For the music which was played, thanks go to Andrea Rottin of Madcap Collective for Comaneci and his reassurance about the programme’s title. Also to Davide Sormani for the introduction to music from Italian 70’s police films. Much-appreciated!

Til next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic treat, S.


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