5/11/2012 ‘ENOisENO’ tracklist

Time mists and cloaks; some images retain their clarity, others disappear. Did I watch Roxy Music performing ‘Virginia Plain’ on Top of the Pops in late August 1972, and, if so, was I  more impressed by the music (and Bryan Ferry’s spangled jacket) than the mostly bored-looking dancers in the studio audience? A drummer in a caveman top! men with long hair and makeup! A synth player wearing gloves straight from an episode of Star Trek! I surely must have been impressed, just as I was around the time when watching T. Rex, Slade, Bowie and, to a lesser extent, The Sweet, strutting their stuff.
If I did view this, it was my introduction to (a Star Trek gloved) Brian Eno; if not, it would have been unwittingly a few years later, through the use of his track ‘Another Green World’ for the beautiful opening to the BBC arts documentary series ‘Arena’. Late 70’s, early 80’s; widening teenage horizons.
The piece accompanying the bottle with its neon Arena logo, floating on moonlit black water, remained my only link to Eno’s solo work until I joined the (slightly older) staff of a record shop, hungrily ingesting the work of artists who’d influenced my punk and post-punk favourites. ‘If you like that, listen to this…’
‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ probably came first; its drive, like the Velvets’, sitting well on a post-punk palette. From there – well, it seemed there was an Eno album to fit every mood; my collection expanded.
So, when it came to choosing tracks for a 60-minute focus on the man, it was tough. And, as well as his own albums, there were the many he’s produced. I was forced to leave out longer pieces, from works such as ‘Discreet Music’ and ‘Ambient 4/On Land’; hopefully the sounds settled on present a satisfying, though brief, introduction…..

1)BRIAN ENO & RICK HOLLAND – SOUNDS ALIEN /from ‘Drums Between The Bells’/ Warp Records 2011

2)ROXY MUSIC – EDITIONS OF YOU /from ‘For Your Pleasure’/ Virgin EG 1973

3)BRIAN ENO – NEEDLES IN THE CAMEL’S EYE /from ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’/ Island 1974

4)BRIAN ENO – THE GREAT PRETENDER /from ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’/ Island 1974

5)BRIAN ENO – ST. ELMO’S FIRE /from ‘Another Green World’/ Island 1975

6)PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA – HUGEBABY /from ‘Music From The Penguin Cafe’/ Obscure Records, Virgin EG 1976

7)CLUSTER & ENO – SCHONE HANDE /from ‘Cluster & Eno’/ Sky 1977


9)TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS – RED ALERT /from the ‘No New York’ collection/ Antilles 1978

10)DEVO – JOCKO HOMO /from ‘Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo’/ Virgin 1978

11)BRIAN ENO – SLOW WATER /from ‘Music For Films’/ EG Records 1978

12)HAROLD BUDD & BRIAN ENO – WIND IN LONELY FENCES /from ‘Ambient 2 The Plateaux Of Mirror’/ EG Records 1980

13)BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE – HELP ME SOMEBODY /from ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’/ EG Records 1981

14)LAURIE ANDERSON – TIGHTROPE /from ‘Bright Red’/ Warner Bros 1994

15)BRIAN & ROGER ENO – ALWAYS RETURNING /from ‘APOLLO Atmospheres & Soundtracks’/ EG Records 1983

I was tempted to finish with ‘An Ending (Ascent)’ from the same album, but wanted to include a track featuring the younger Eno brother, so ‘Always Returning’, a favourite for many years since receiving it on a compilation cassette (thanks due to Stephen Jarvis here!), got the nod!

Any comments/suggestions for personal faves I might have neglected to include will be very welcome!

Links for more information on Brian Eno:  http://brian-eno.net/lux/
                                                           Roxy Music: http://www.roxymusic.co.uk/
                                                Laurie Anderson: http://www.laurieanderson.com/home.shtml
                                                             Roger Eno: http://www.rogereno.co.uk/

Til next time, wishing you all many a sonic delight, S.


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