17/12/2012 ‘FAME’ tracklist

January 1st brought no resolutions, which, in the case of the continuing clutter on the floor of my room, is perhaps just as well. It was part of this minor monument to disorganisation which I stumbled over not long ago; a precarious stack of Cds which toppled as I tried to access my wardrobe door, and which I realised had been sitting there for several weeks mutely waiting for recognition of its’ contents part in the last TKS show of 2012.

The subject was ‘FAME’, and the contents were as follows:

1)THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS – WE LOVE YOU /from ‘The Psychedelic Furs’/ CBS 1980
2)THE MODERN LOVERS – PABLO PICASSO /from ‘The Modern Lovers’/ Beserkley 1976
3)FAMILY FODDER – DEBBIE HARRY / originally 7″single, Fresh Records 1980, included on the ‘Savoir Faire’ compilation/ Dark
Beloved Cloud 1998
4)BO DIDDLEY – MR KRUSCHEV / 1962, included on the compilation ‘The Story Of Bo Diddley’/ Chess Records 2006
5)BERT SHAFT ORCHESTRA – DAVID BOWIE’S BIRTHDAY /from the ‘Resonance vol.8 number 1’ compilation/ London
Musicians’ Collective 2000
6)GILLIAN WELCH – ELVIS PRESLEY BLUES /from ‘Time (The Revelator)’/ Acony Records 2001
8)GANG 90 – JACK KEROUAC /1983? from the compilation ‘The Sexual Life Of The Savages’/ Soul Jazz 2005
9)NICO – JULIUS CAESAR /from ‘The Frozen Borderline 1968-1970’/ Rhino 2007
10)MEG BAIRD – BEATLES & THE STONES /from ‘Seasons On Earth’/ Wichita Recordings 2011
11)CABARET VOLTAIRE – BAADER-MEINHOF /from the ‘Factory Sampler’ E.P 1978, included on ‘The Original Sound Of
Sheffield ’78/’82’
/ Mute 2002
12)SUICIDE – CHE /from ‘Suicide’/ Red Star Records 1977
13)JONI MITCHELL – AMELIA /from ‘Hejira’/ Elektra 1976
14)SQUAREPUSHER – THEME FROM ERNEST BORGNINE /from ‘Feed Me Weird Things’/ Rephlex 1996

As the pile of CDs again topples, as if in relief at finally being able to return to their shelves, it’s time to bring this belated listing to an end.
Until next time, wishing everyone many sonic delights in what’s left of 2013! S.


~ by theshinybeast on January 8, 2013.

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