18/03/2013 ‘Sonic Architecture’ tracklist

Not just another show. Recorded live twice, the first time only to realise much to my despair that a previous studio occupant had turned the microphone off, so listeners were blessed to hear some delightful silence between tracks instead of the limited information I was providing, oblivious!
Last night, having successfully dodged the bombs of snow falling from  Brno’s laden roofs towards pedestrians, I was back at the studio to try to make amends. Eleven pieces composed about, or in response to, buildings, spaces, and other places, including two from the excellent Cafe Concrete project which took place in Plymouth (England)….

1)APPLEBLIM – GIRDER /from ‘Soundboy Punishments’/ Skull Disco 2007
2)MESA – MILLBAY GRAIN SILO /from ‘Cafe Concrete Plymouth City Project’/ CCPCP 2010
More info: http://cafeconcrete.gotanyrice.com/?page_id=35
3)PENDLE COVEN – MVO CHAMBER /from ‘Self-Assessment’/ Modern Love 2009
4)ROB ELLIS – MUSIC FOR THE HOME No.4 Church Opposite /from ‘Music For The Home’/ Leaf 2003
More info: http://www.robellis.net/
5)WOODY GUTHRIE – GRAND COULEE DAM /from ‘The Asch Recordings Vol.1’/ Smithsonian Folkways 1997
6)DEMDIKE STARE – EXTWISTLE HALL /from ‘Symbiosis’/ Modern Love 2009
7)JURGEN KNIEPER – THE DYING OF THE BRIDGE /from the ‘Wings Of Desire’ OST/ Mute 1988
8)NU CREATIVE METHODS – GRAND HOTEL ET DES PALMES /from ‘Superstitions’/ 1984, Music a la Coque 2013
More info: http://musicalacoque.bandcamp.com/track/nu-creative-methods-superstitions-extract-from-superstitions-cd-2013
9)BEN SOLO – TINSIDE LIDO /from ‘Cafe Concrete Plymouth City Project’/ CCPCP 2010
10)TAPE – AUGUSTAN CHATEAU /from ‘Milieu Plus’/ Minority Records 2008
More info: http://www.minorityrecords.com/releases/min21/details/
11)HOOD – HOUSES TILTING TOWARDS THE SEA /from ‘The Cycle Of Days And Seasons’/ Domino 1999

That beautiful, wistful piece by Leeds outfit Hood brought a show brimming with atmospheric tracks to an end for the second time, this time, microphone definitely ON, with an accompanying intro and farewell for another week. Which, after thanking Pino Montecalvo of Music a la Coque for the Nu Creative Methods album, I’ll do in written form again now –
until next time, wishing you many a sonic delight (including silence), S.


~ by theshinybeast on March 19, 2013.

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