22/4/2013 ‘Religion’ tracklist

One coffee into an early morning, soaking up garage sounds as I belatedly get round to listing the contents of The Kitchen Sink’s short immersion in music connected, sometimes extremely loosely, to the often thorny topic of religion. The diverse selection aired no doubt both tickled and grated, but, having played it not so very long ago, this time Crass‘ vitriolic diatribe ‘Reality Asylum’, was left off the menu. Instead, these were the eleven tracks which survived some late cuts:

1)JOSEPHINE FOSTER – CHILD OF GOD /from ‘Blood Rushing’/ Fire Records 2012
More info: http://www.josephinefoster.info/
2)OMAR SOULEYMAN – EIH MIN ELEMKOM /from ‘Jazeera Nights’/ Sublime Frequencies 2010
More info: http://omarsouleyman.virb.com/
3)PISSUK RACHAV – JERUSALEM /from ‘Eretz Hakodesh’/ Tzadik 2009
More info: http://www.tzadik.com/
4)UFOMAMMUT – GOD /from ‘Snailking’/ The Music Cartel 2004 (Supernatural Cat 2009)
More info: http://www.ufomammut.com/
5)WOVEN HAND – TWIG /from ‘Mosaic’/ Glitterhouse 2006
More info: http://www.wovenhand.com/
6)BILL FAY – TIME OF THE LAST PERSECUTION /from ‘Time Of the Last Persecution’/ Deram 1971
More info: http://www.billfay.co.uk/
7)CULTURE – TWO SEVENS CLASH /from ‘Two Sevens Clash’/ Joe Gibbs 1977
More info: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=11926707
8)BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON – IT’S NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MINE /1927, from the collection ‘Dark Was The Night’/ Columbia
1998 More info: http://jasobrecht.com/blind-willie-johnson-life-music/
9)KASAI ALLSTARS – KAFUULU BALU /from ‘In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish And Ate The
                 Head Of His Enemy By Magic’/ Crammed Discs 2008 More info: http://www.crammed.be/index.php?id=34&art_id=73
10)ALICE COLTRANE – JOURNEY IN SATCHIDANANDA /from ‘Journey In Satchidananda’/ Impulse! 1970
More info: http://www.alicecoltrane.org/
11)TOP DRAWER – SONG OF A SINNER /from ‘Solid Oak’/ 1969, Akarma 2005
Info: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/13858-forge-your-own-chains-heavy-psychedelic-ballads-and-dirges-1968-1974/

That for a long time extremely rare gem from Kentucky outfit Top Drawer brought the show to an end. Thanks are due to Saar Yachin of Pissuk Rachav for the copy of Eretz Hakidesh – much-appreciated!
As another garage nugget begins, it’s time to draw the curtains on this. Til next time, wish anyone reading this many an uplifting sonic experience, S.


~ by theshinybeast on April 26, 2013.

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