Who Cut Ron? + 29/4/2013 ‘Garbage’n’Gasoline’ tracklist

Who cut Ron? A question not referring to some back-alley or bar knifing,  but to the premature termination of a track. It could also have been ‘who cut Ann?’ because that was the track whose full-length glory was sadly and inexplicably curtailed on The Stooges 1969 debut. Who decided to cut almost five minutes of Ron Asheton‘s deliciously damaged bawling axemanship from the release? It seems unlikely that Asheton himself would have requested such emasculation. Iggy? Not likely. Producer John Cale? Side 2 of The Stooges, containing Ann, lasts a touch less than 17 minutes, Sister Ray unfurls it’s sonic barrage for longer, and there’s still space on Side 2 of White Light, White Heat for another four and a half minutes of ecstasy for noise-lovers in the shape of I Heard Her Call My Name; given this, why would he want to cut The Stooges track?
Thankfully, the bonus disc on the 2005 reissue of the  album finally had the full version of the track, along with an extended No Fun, available for fans.  A focus on garage and proto-punk on The Kitchen Sink  provided the perfect opportunity to give it a much-deserved airing, along with a dozen other nuggets, which were as follows:

1)LINK WRAY – THE BLACK WIDOW / 1963, from the ‘Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray’ collection/ Rhino 1993
More info: http://www.wraysshack3tracks.com/
2)THE SONICS – PSYCHO /from ‘Here Are The Sonics!!!’/ Etiquette 1965, Big Beat 1993
More info: http://www.thesonicsboom.com/
3)THE SEEDS – PUSHIN’ TOO HARD /from the ‘Nuggets Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968’
        collection/ Elektra 1972 More info: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-seeds-mn0000500664
4)SHE – OUTTA REACH /1970, from ‘Wants A Piece Of You’/ Big Beat 1999
More info: http://acerecords.co.uk/wants-a-piece-of-you
5)THE DEVIANTS – GARBAGE /from ‘Ptooff!’/ Decca 1967
More info:  http://www.funtopia.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/funtopia/supermarketfiles/deviantsfiles/deviantshistory.htm
6)THE CRAMPS – GARBAGEMAN /from ‘Songs The Lord Taught Us’/ I.R.S 1980
More info: http://www.thecramps.com/
7)MONKS – I HATE YOU /from ‘Black Monk Time’/ Polydor 1966
More info: http://www.the-monks.com/
8)THE WHITE STRIPES – FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL /from ‘White Blood Cells’/ XL Recordings 2001
More info: http://www.whitestripes.com/
9)THE STOOGES – ANN (full version) / 1969, from ‘The Stooges’ reissue/ Elektra 2005
More info: http://www.iggypop.com/index.html
10)TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE – I AM NOT A GAME /from ‘Hair’/ Drag City 2012
More info: http://ty-segall.com/
11)THE MODERN LOVERS – I WANNA SLEEP IN YOUR ARMS /1972, from ‘The Modern Lovers’ reissue/ Castle Music 2003
More info: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/10645-the-modern-lovers/
12)THE HEADS – SPLIFF RIFF /from ‘Relaxing With The Heads’ (1996) expanded edition/ Rooster 2010
More info: http://thequietus.com/articles/05303-the-heads-relaxing-with-the-heads-review
13)LES RALLIZES DENUDES – THE NIGHT COLLECTORS /from ‘Heavier Than A Death In The Family’/ Phoenix 2010
More info: http://jrs.paullee.ru/jrst50.htm#t3

That segment of the aural bombardment that is ‘Heavier Than A Death In The Family’, an apt title if ever there was one, brought the hour of proto-punk and garage to a suitably raw and raucous conclusion. The show is over, but that question remains – who did cut Ron?
Any answers would be very welcome!
Wishing you many a sonic gem, S.


~ by theshinybeast on May 7, 2013.

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