20/5/2013 ‘Around The World’ and 27/5/2013 ‘Sea Of Sound’ tracklists

Later than planned, so late that central Europe seems to have slipped into autumn, the tracklists for two sonic journeys on The Kitchen Sink. The first took a little inspiration from Jules Verne, but instead of having 80 days to circle the globe a la Phileas Fogg, was restricted to just 60 minutes. Only one of Fogg’s stops, Japan, featured, and the point of embarkation wasn’t London, but a rather smaller city, Wels, in Upper Austria with a track from when Manfred Engelmayr was Bulbul:

1) Austria  Bulbul – Do The Limbo /from ‘Bulbul’/ Trost Records 1998
More info: http://www.trost.at/ http://www.bulbul.at/
2)Romania Nava Spatiala – Aciduzzu Is A Technoid Brainwashed Guy From Mongolia / from the ‘Eastern Daze Vol.2
Judgment Day’
 compilation/ http://easterndaze.net/
3)Tuva  Huun Huur Tu – Song Of The Caravan Drivers /from ’60 Horses In My Herd’/ Jaro Records 1993
                 More info: http://www.rootsworld.com/reviews/huun-concert.html
4)Vietnam Thanh Mai – Toc Mai Soi Van Soi Dai / from ‘Saigon Rock & Soul Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974’/ Sublime
                 Frequencies 2010  More info: http://www.sublimefrequencies.com/
5)Japan OOIOO – Ene Soda /from ‘Kila Kila Kila’/ Thrill Jockey 2004
                 More info: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/OOIOO/KILA-KILA-KILA#.UadYHtKCI1Y
6)Australia/Japan Lawrence English & Ai Yamamoto – A Silent Kouta /from ‘Plateau’/ Phono-Statique 2006
                 More info: http://lawrenceenglish.com/ http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/web/biogs/P000511b.htm
7)New Zealand The Dead C – Bitcher /from ‘The White House’/ Siltbreeze 1995
                 More info: http://www.badabingrecords.com/current/the-dead-c-2/
8)Mexico Elfmilk – The Oracle (edit) /from ‘White Dwarf vs Black Dwarf’/ Self-Released 2010
                 More info: http://elfmilk.com/
9)Jamaica Gregory Isaacs All Stars – Tam Tam (aka One More Time Dub) /1978, from ‘Foundation Dub’/ Trojan 2010
                 More info: http://www.reggae-vibes.com/profiles/isaacs/isaacs.htm
10)Ghana Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Din Ya Sugri /1976, from ‘Ghana Special’/ Soundway Records 2009
                More info: http://www.soundwayrecords.com/
11)Italy BZ BZ UEU – Uhozmerigotz /from ‘Uhozmerigotz’/ Wallace Records 2000
                More info: http://www.musicalacoque.it/
12)Austria Broken.Heart.Collector – Boatwischmusik /from ‘Broken.Heart.Collector’/ Discorporate Records 2011
                More info: http://brokenheartcollector.klingt.org/

    Not the most straightforward way of getting from Wels to Vienna, but one full of good sounds! Thanks due to Pino Montecalvo for the Bz Bz Ueu track, Susanna Gartmayer of Broken.Heart.Collector, and the folks at Eastern Daze for their sterling efforts in finding sonic gems from around Central and eastern Europe – help  much-appreciated!

    ‘Sea of Sound’ featured a journey, this time not in an easterly direction, but jumping back and forth, around the nine states bordering the Baltic Sea, starting in Denmark with:

1)OBSTACLES – INSURGENTS /from ‘Decomposition Of Movement’/ Self-Released 2008
More info: http://berlinbeat.org/2012/02/03/interview-obstacles/
2)Poland KYST – COMPLAIN/CHEER /from ‘Cotton Touch’/ Gingerbread Records 2010
More info: http://dyingforbadmusic.com/blog/post/2010/02/kyst-2010-cotton-touch-interview.html
3)Estonia KREATIIVMOOTOR – IRRATSIONAALNE /from ‘Irratsionaalne’/ Odessa records 2007
More info: http://kreatiivmootor.com/
4)Germany VON SPAR – Track1 /from ?/ sent by the band 2008….
More info: http://vonspar.net/
5)Lithuania ANTENAS JASENKA – SKYJACKER /from ‘Boarding Pass Live At Jauna Musika 2004’/ 2004
More info: http://www.mic.lt/en/articles/view/114
6)Finland SHOGUN KUNITOKI – RIDDERHOLME /from ‘Vinonaamaksio’/ Fonal 2009
More info: http://www.shogunkunitoki.com/
7)Russia QUORA – VESHESTVO /from the ‘Veshestvo’ E.P/ Abandoned Zone 2012
More info: http://quora.bandcamp.com/
8)Sweden HENRIK RYLANDER – FORCED LAUGH /from ‘Traditional Arrangements Of Feedback’/ Ideal Recordings 2004
More info: http://www.henrikrylander.com/
9)Sweden ERIK ENOCKSSON – THE STATE THE SEA LEFT ME IN /from ‘Farval Falkenberg’/ Kning Disk 2007
More info: http://www.kningdisk.com/
10)Poland PIOTR KUREK – GODDESS EYE /from ‘Edena’/ Sangoplasmo 2012
More info: http://www.piotrkurek.com/
11)Latvia IVARS ARUTYUNYAN & EDGARS RUBENIS – PILLARS OF THE SOFT HUM /from ‘Temple Of Sound’/ Skyr 2013
More info: http://en.alchemia.com.pl/program/ivars-arutyunyan-edgars-rubenis/

That long atmospheric piece from two Latvian musicians who performed to a small, but rapt, audience in Brno a few weeks ago, brought the sonic tour of the Baltic states to an end. This time, thanks were due to Piotr Kurek, Richard Deutsch of Quora, Tobiasz Bilinski of Kyst, Obstacles, and Von Spar -all of whom, like Ivars Arutyunyan and Edgars Rubenis, have helped warm the ears, and possibly hearts, of Brno concert-goers over the past few years!

Til next time, wishing you all many a sonic treat, S.


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