3/6/2013 ‘Covered!’ tracklist

After days marked by its absence, the sun seems almost bashful as it  briefly shines on cloud bearing what is probably the next in a long line of showers.  Walking home from the studio late last night the air held the kind of chill one might expect in late autumn. Hopefully a couple of the blasts from a selection of cover versions will have warmed the ears, though admittedly several selections did seem appropriate listening for a cool and rainy night, to be accompanied by mugs of hot tea, biscuits, and contemplation…Japanese grindcore masters Bathtub Shitter probably cause more musing than contemplation – musing as to how Masato Henmarer Morimoto can produce such an outrageous range of vocalisations, from Disneyesque cartoon screeches and squeals to deep, gut-wrenching belches…..These featured nicely in the cover of a Witchfinder General track which opened our sonic excursion….

1)BATHTUB SHITTER – NO STAYER /from ‘Lifetime Shitlist’/ Shit Jam Records 2003
            More info: http://www.bathtubshitter.com/
2)SUICIDE – 96 TEARS (live) /from ‘Live At CBGB’s 1977’, on bonus disc with ‘Suicide‘/ Blast First 1998
            More info: http://sickoftheradio.com/2010/04/12/interview-suicides-martin-rev/
3)PENETRATION – FREE MONEY /from ‘Moving Targets’/ Virgin 1978
            More info: http://www.eccentricsleevenotes.com/Penetration(1722654).htm
4)JOHN CALE – HEARTBREAK HOTEL /from ‘Fragments Of A Rainy Season’/ Hannibal 1992
            More info: http://john-cale.com/
5)FANTOMAS – THE GODFATHER /from ‘The Director’s Cut’/ Ipecac Recordings 2001
            More info: http://www.ipecac.com/artists/fantomas
6)CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND – GROWN SO UGLY /from ‘Safe As Milk’/ Buddha Records 1967
             More info: http://www.beefheart.com/   
              and on Robert Pete Williamshttp://www.weeklysouthernarts.com/the-legend-of-robert-pete-williams.html
7)THE HANDSOME FAMILY – FARAWAY EYES /from ‘Smothered & Covered’/Handsome Records 2003
             More info: http://www.handsomefamily.com/
              More info: http://www.thehumanleague.co.uk/
9)MEG BAIRD – FRIENDS /from ‘Seasons On Earth’/ Wichita Recordings 2011
              More info: http://www.megbaird.com/
10)EASY STAR ALL-STARS – TIME /from ‘Dub Side Of The Moon’/ Easy Star 2003
              More info: http://www.easystar.com/
11)GHOST – DOMINOES (CELEBRATION FOR THE GRAY DAYS)  /from ‘Hypnotic Underworld’/ Drag City 2004
              More info: http://www.ab.cyberhome.ne.jp/~pochamal/

That almost unrecognisable version of the song from Syd Barrett‘s second album, 1970’s ‘Barrett’, brought the brief sojourn amongst covers of well-known and less-familiar songs to a close. No doubt there’ll be another show with the same focus sometime in the not-too-distant. With the sun once again spreading a little brightness across the South Moravian sky, it’s time to bring this listing to a close….
Wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic gem, S.  


~ by theshinybeast on June 4, 2013.

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