22/7/2013 ‘YOU!!’ & 29/7/2013 ‘2013-SOFARSO’ tracklists

Summertime, and the living, at least in a small flat, ain’t easy; however, early morning, when there’s still a touch of freshness in the air, perceptible through an open window, and the brightness outside doesn’t come with squint-inducing rays of sunlight, it’s at its friendliest. The body isn’t producing sweat like a BB-pocked can of pop; the brain isn’t feeling like something Fred Flintstone might bludgeon into shape. That said, the temperature is rising, so it’s time to get down to the facts which matter, the playlists from the last two editions of The Kitchen Sink. Starting with ‘YOU!!’; so many choices, but finally the following diverse bunch adorned the sonic menu:

1)ELECTRIC SIX – CAN YOU FEEL IT /from ‘Next Stop…Soweto Vol.2’/ Strut Records 2010
More info: http://www.strut-records.com/content/next-stop-soweto-vol-2-soultown-rb-funk-psych-sounds-townships-1969-1976
2)BIG DIPPER – YOU’RE NOT PATSY /1987, from ‘Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology’/ Merge Records 2008
More info: http://www.mergerecords.com/artists/bigdipper
3)AU PAIRS – YOU /1979 single, included on ‘Stepping Out Of Line: The Anthology’/ Castle Records 2006
More info: http://birminghammusicarchive.com/au-paris/
4)BURIAL – U HURT ME /from ‘Burial’/ Hyperdub 2006
More info: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/56070/Burial-Burial/
5)CRASS – YOU PAY /from ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’/ Small Wonder 1978, Crass Records 2010
More info: http://www.exitstencilpress.com/
6)HUSKER DU – I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU /from ‘Zen Arcade’/ SST Records 1984
More info:  http://dyingscene.com/news/sacred-cow-saturday-husker-du-zen-arcade/
7)FELA RANSOME KUTI & THE AFRICA 70 – WHO’RE YOU? /1971, included on ‘Nigeria Afrobeat Special: The New Explosive Sound In 1970’s
/ Soundway Records 2010
Info: http://www.soundwayrecords.com/release/va—nigeria-afrobeat-special/nigeria-afrobeat-special-the-new-explosive-sound-in-1970s-nigeria—–sndw021
8)LUTHER DAVIS – YOU CAN BE A STAR /1982, included on ‘Soul Cal Disco & Modern Soul 1971-1982’/ Now-Again Records 2012
More info: http://www.nowagainrecords.com/various-soul-cal/
9)ARTHUR RUSSELL – ARM AROUND YOU /from the collection ‘Calling Out Of Context’/ Audika Records 2004
More info: http://www.dustedmagazine.com/reviews/1280
10)MOONDOG – YOU THE VANDAL /from ‘Moondog 2’/ Columbia 1971, BGO 2000
More info: http://www.moondogscorner.de/
11)MASHA QRELLA – I WANT YOU TO KNOW /from ‘Luck’/ Monika Enterprise 2002
More info: http://mashaqrella.de/
12)AGITATION FREE – YOU PLAY FOR US TODAY /from ‘Malesch’/ 1972 Music Factory, Revisited Records 2008
More info: http://www.groove.nl/cd/1/12270.html
13)TALK TALK – I BELIEVE IN YOU /from ‘Spirit Of Eden’/ Parlophone 1988
More info: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/review/2085

With the temperature continuing its rise, it’s straight on into the list for Monday’s focus on some of the highlights from the first half of 2013, including a couple of tracks from the last weeks of 2012:

1)DAN FRIEL – VALEDICTORIAN /from ‘Total Folklore’/ Thrill Jockey 2013
More info: http://thrilljockey.com/thrill/Dan-Friel/Total-Folklore#.Ufiul9Isags
2)MATHIA SCHAFFHAEUSER – CANCELATION NATION (vocal version) /from ‘3 Years Comfortzone – Crystalized’/ Comfortzone 2012
More info: http://www.comfortzonemusic.com/3-years-comfortzone-crystalized-label-compilation
3)CARMEN VILLAIN – OBEDIENCE /from ‘Sleeper’/ Smalltown Supersound 2013
More info: http://www.smalltownsupersound.com/2013/01/10/introducing-carmen-villain/
4)NAGAMATZU – MALARIA /from ‘Igniting The Corpse’/ 1991 (cassette only), 2013 Motorcade Records
More info: http://nagamatzu.bandcamp.com/album/igniting-the-corpse  http://www.darkentriesrecords.com/bands/nagamatzu/
5)ENSEMBLE PEARL – PAINTING ON A CORPSE /from ‘Ensemble Pearl’/ Drag City 2013
More info: http://thequietus.com/articles/12113-ensemble-pearl-review
6)LOW – PLASTIC CUP /from ‘The Invisible Way’/ Sub Pop 2013
More info: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/17781-low-the-invisible-way/
7)NU CREATIVE METHODS – BARRIO CHINO /from ‘Superstitions’/1984, Music a la Coque 2013
More info: http://musiclacoque.bigcartel.com/product/nu-creative-methods
8)TWINK – 10,000 WORDS IN A CARDBOARD BOX (alt.version) /from ‘Think Pink’/ 1970, Sunbeam Records 2013
More info: http://www.sunbeamrecords.com/twink/twink.html
9)PIOTR KUREK – TONAL COLORS /from ‘Edena’/ Sangoplasmo 2012
More info: http://www.piotrkurek.com/
10)GNOD – The Choice Of A Nubian Generation /from the ‘Lay Low’ split cassette with Bear Bones/ Full Of Nothing 2013
A lengthy atmospheric piece to finish with on a night when lightning flashed in the distance but the almost apocalyptic storms expected, and hitting other parts of the country, somehow gave Brno nothing more than a tantalising, brief downpour to soften the air.
Thanks due this time to Stephen Jarvis of Nagamatzu, Christine Chra Nemec of Comfortzone, Pino Montecalvo of Music a la Coque, and Piotr Kurek – help, as ever, much-appreciated!
Until next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a refreshing sonic delight, S.

Listen to The Kitchen Sink, Mondays 10.15p.m CET at http://www.radior.cz


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