9/12/2013 ‘Shox!’ tracklist

The focus of what, due to gremlins in the studio works, has turned out to have been the last live broadcast of 2013 was the work of some pioneers of electronic sound. Of course, given time constraints, many a deserving soul found their sounds conspicuously absent – no StockhausenVarese, and Schaeffer for example, but hopefully the following served as a reasonable introduction to brave new waves from the 50’s to the early 80’s.

1)DEVO – MECHANICAL MAN /1975, from the collection ‘Hardcore’/ Superior Viaduct 2013
3)F.C JUDD – PERPETUA /both early 60’s, from ‘Electronics Without Tears’/ Public Information 2011
More info: http://www.fcjudd.co.uk/
4)DAPHNE ORAM – NEW ATLANTIS /1963, from ‘The Oram Tapes Volume One’/ Young Americans 2012
More info: http://daphneoram.org/category/news/  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16262-the-oram-tapes-vol-1/
5)BERNARD HERMANN – PRELUDE/OUTER SPACE/ROBOT  /1951, from ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’/20th Century Fox 1993
6)KID BALTAN – SONG OF THE SECOND MOON /1957, from ‘Song Of The Second Moon’/ Omni 2012
More info: http://v2.nl/archive/articles/dick-raaijmakers-1930-2013  http://todaysart.nl/2013/program/dick-raaijmakers-de-lange-mars/
7)SUICIDE – SNEAKIN’ AROUND /1975, from ‘The Second Album/The First Rehearsal Tapes’/ Blast First 1998
More info: http://www.villagevoice.com/2002-01-29/news/suicide-watch/
8)Silver Apples – LOVEFINGERS /from ‘Silver Apples’/ Kapp Records 1968, MCA 1997
More info: http://silverapples.com/ http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct10/articles/silver-apples.htm
9)JOHN CAGE – IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE No.5 /1952, from ‘Imaginary Landscapes’/ Stradivarius 2012
10)THE HUMAN LEAGUE – CIRCUS OF DEATH (Fast Version) /1978, included with ‘Reproduction’/ Virgin 2003
11)TUXEDOMOON – NERVOUS GUY /from ‘Scream With A View’ E.P/ Pre Records 1979
More info: http://tuxedomoon.co/
12)CONRAD SCHNITZLER – AUF DEM SCHWARZEN CANAL /1980, included on ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik’/ Soul Jazz 2010  More info: http://fancymoon.com/con_s/ http://thequietus.com/articles/06721-conrad-schnitzler-obituary
13)KRAFTWERK – KRISTALLO /from ‘Ralf And Florian’/ 1973

That piece, showing the electronic road towards their more famous and, by the band, recognised work ‘Autobahn’, took us out for another week, and, it has turned out, for the year.
Wishing anyone perusing this a healthy and happy 2014, filled with many a sonic gem! S.

The Kitchen Sink show is broadcast every Monday evening at 22.15 CET, 21.15 UK, on http://www.radior.cz


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