20/1/2014 ‘Decadence 70-75’ track listing

As might be surmised, the idea for the show’s focus started with the Kevin Ayers track. From ‘Decadence’ to a sonic palette filled with pieces which focussed on the downside of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, where kicks and chicks and artistic highs slipped inexorably down  – laid back being just a few steps from laid out. Of course, there would have to be something from Neil Young‘s dark trio of mid-70’s works; perhaps a taste of  Lou Reed‘s more acerbic fare; a little Nico to go with Ayers’ song inspired by the German chanteuse. However, sometime after most of the tracks had been chosen, I read a transcript of the radio programme John Lydon, at the time still resplendent under his Johnny Rotten monicker, recorded with Tommy Vance for Capital Radio in July 1977, and noticed that several of the artists Lydon included on ‘The Punk and His Music’ were also featuring on my list; at this point the focus of the show shifted for much of its 60 minutes to spotlight performers who escaped the scorn of the the punk class of ’77. Of the following, arguably all bar David Crosby could have been included amongst the Sex Pistol‘s selection. Of the first artist, Lydon, said ‘I’ve just liked him for years…..I love all his stuff’ – Malcolm McLaren must have been tearing his hair out at this departure from his media portrayal of the band as thugs intent on only the destruction of all which had preceded them!

1)PETER HAMMILL – ROCK AND ROLE /from ‘Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night’/ Charisma 1973
2)IGGY AND THE STOOGES – SEARCH AND DESTROY /from ‘Raw Power’/ Columbia 1973
3)T.REX – THE SLIDER /from ‘The Slider’/ EMI 1972
4)DAVID CROSBY – COWBOY MOVIE /from ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’/ Atlantic 1971
5)NEIL YOUNG – TIRED EYES /from ‘Tonight’s The Night’/ recorded 1973, Reprise 1975
6)BRIAN ENO – BABY’S ON FIRE /from ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’/ Island Records 1974
7)COCKNEY REBEL – CAVALIERS /from ‘The Psychomodo’/ EMI 1974
8)NICO – THE END /John Peel session 3/12/74, bonus track included on ‘The End’/ Island 2012
9)KEVIN AYERS – DECADENCE (early mix) /from ‘Bananamour’/ Harvest 1973, EMI 2003

That early version of the title track of the show, recorded in December 1972, brought  proceedings on The Kitchen Sink to an end for another week.
The complete transcript of Jonny Rotten’s 1977 radio show which became part of the inspiration for ‘Decadence’, is available here:

Until next time, wishing you all many a sonic delight, S.

The Kitchen Sink is broadcast every Monday at 22.15 C.E.T/21.15 UK on Brno student/community station  www.radior.cz


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