7/4/2014 TKS Presents: ‘Un Voyage Sonique’ track listing

After focuses on other countries, states, and cities, it was high time for a programme devoted to sonic pieces from France. As might have been expected, there was Gallic charm and eccentricity in the mix, but also a surprising number of tracks with texts in English rather than la langue francais, not, I should add, because of any linguistic preference, it was just the way the selection panned out.
Anyway, here are the eleven delights, a sonic palette I’d like to think exhibits a diversity coming close to that of the cuisine of the country…

1)OTO – Anyway /1984, from the ‘Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics Vol.1’ collection/ Angular Records 2010
More info: http://www.arc018.com/release/cold-waves-minimal-electronics-volume-1
2)Lophorina – Mediterranean /from ‘Lophorina’/ Modell 2012
More info: http://www.lophorina.net/en/index.php
3)Murmuure – Primo Vere /from ‘Murmuure’/ Paradigms Recordings 2010
More info: http://murmuure.org/
4)Plapla Pinky – Analclaire /from ‘Plapla Pinky E.P’/ Sonore 2011
More info: http://plaplapinky.bandcamp.com/
5)Mikado – Par Hasard /1982, from the ‘Les Disques du Crepuscule 1980-1985’ collection/ LTM Recordings 2008
More info: http://www.ltmrecordings.com/auteur_labels_les_disques_du_crepuscule_ltmcd2517.html
6)Atarpop 73 & Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises – Attention…L’Armee /1973, from the ‘Mobilisation Generale’ collection/ Born Bad Records 2013
More info: http://shop.bornbadrecords.net/album/mobilisation-generale-protest-and-spirit-jazz-from-france-1970-1976
7)Horrific Child – L’Etrange Mr. Whinster /from ‘L’Etrange Mr. Whinster’/ Finders Keepers Records 2009
More info: http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/shop/horrific-child-l-etrange-mr-whinster/
8)Radio Romance – Etrange Affinite /from ‘From Brussels With Love’/ 1980, LTM Recordings 2006
More info: http://www.ltmrecordings.com/from_brussels_with_love_ltmcd2479.html
9)Philippe Petit – Comforting /from the ‘3 Years Comfortzone – Crystalized’ compilation/ Comfortzone 2012
More info: http://www.comfortzonemusic.com/3-years-comfortzone-crystalized-label-compilation
10)The Liminanas – Crystal Anis /from ‘Crystal Anis’/ Hozac Records 2012
More info: http://hozacrecords.com/2010/08/the-liminanas/
11)Nino Ferrer – Looking For You /1974, from the ‘Dirty French Psychedelics’ compilation/ Born Bad  Records 2009
More info: http://www.bornbadrecords.net/releases/dirty-french-psychedelics-selected-by-dirty-sound-system/

A laid-back end to the show with Italian-born Nino Ferrer, who celebrated the bicentenary of  La Revolution in 1989 by becoming a French citizen. Perhaps he also had a drink or two.
Thanks this time go out to Graziella Torrigiani, a.k.a Lophorina.  Wishing anyone reading this many a sonic delight, S.

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts every Monday at approximately 10 p.m C.E.T/9 p.m U.K on http://www.radior.cz
More information on the show can be found here:



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