19/5/2014 TKS Presents: ‘At Sea’ tracklist

This voyage on The Kitchen Sink wasn’t the first to have a briny locale, but with plenty of tracks to choose from, it seemed time to head to sea again. How far is Sheffield from salt waters? That’s the city from which we launched with……

1)The Comsat Angels – At Sea /from ‘Time Considered As A Helix Of Semi-Precious Stones’/1992 BBC Music, 2006 Renascent
More info: http://www.stylusmagazine.com/reviews/the-comsat-angels/time-considered-as-a-helix-of-semi-precious-stones-bbc-sessions-1979-1984.htm
2)Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt – El Mole Rachamim (fur Titanik) /from ‘People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938’/ Tompkins Square Records 2007
More info: http://www.tompkinssquare.com/people_take.html
3)Dead Can Dance – Ocean /from ‘Dead Can Dance’/ 4AD Records 1984
More info: http://www.deadcandance.com/main/
4)Explosions In The Sky – Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean /from ‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’/ Bella Union 2003  More info: http://www.explosionsinthesky.com/
5)MacColl/Parker/Seeger – Years Ago, You Started Very Young /from ‘Singing The Fishing’/ BBC 1960, Topic Records 2008
More info: http://www.mustrad.org.uk/reviews/803.htm    http://www.topicrecords.co.uk/singing-the-fishing-various-artists-tscd803/
6)Stick In The Wheel – The Cruel Ship’s Captain /from the ‘Cuts’ E.P/ Stick In The Wheel 2014
More info: http://www.stickinthewheel.com/     http://stickinthewheel.bandcamp.com/
7)Roly Porter & Cynthia Millar – The Sea /from ‘Fall Back – Live At Aldeburgh’/ Subtext Recordings 2012
More info: http://thequietus.com/articles/10884-roly-porter-interview
8)Colleen – Past The Long Black Land /from ‘Les Ondes Silencieuses’/ The Leaf Label 2007
More info: http://colleenplays.org/    http://www.theleaflabel.com/en/artists/view/14/Colleen
9)Roger Eno – Between Tides /from ‘Between Tides’/ Opal Records 1988, All Saints 1992
More info: http://www.rogereno.com/
10)The Velvet Underground – Ocean /from ‘1969 Live’/ Mercury 1974
More info: http://www.oceanstar.com/patti/poetry/velvet.htm

That lengthy live version of Ocean, recorded at The Matrix in San Francisco in (no surprises) 1969, brought a show which included a track recorded way back in 1913 and my calling Roger Eno George (this could be one of brother Brian’s many names, I should check!) to a close.
Til next time, wish anyone perusing this many a sonic gem, S.

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts from Brno, CZ every Monday evening at approximately 10 p.m C.E.T/9 p.m U.K on http://www.radior.cz


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