The Kitchen Sink – tracklists for October 2014

The pile of albums on the floor by my chair, each representing a sonic voyage on The Kitchen Sink, attests to how many shows still require detailing for those who might,  just might,  be interested!
There were three shows in October, starting with…

October 6th TKS Presents: ‘World A Music’

1) SKEPTICS (New Zealand) – PACK ICE /from ‘Amalgam’/ Flying Nun Records 1990

2)BO NINGEN (Japan) – PSYCHEDELIC MISEMONO GOYA (reprise) /from ‘III’/ Stolen Recordings 2014

3)GOAT (Sweden) – HIDE FROM THE SUN /from ‘Commune’/ Rocket Recordings 2014

E.P/ Anomia 2014

5)KONONO No1 (DR Congo) – MAMA NA BANA /from ‘Assume Crash Position’/ Crammed Discs 2010

6)THE SOUND (UK) – WINNING /from ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’/ 1981, included in the 4CD Box Edsel Records 2014

7)INI KAMOZE (Jamaica) – WORLD A MUSIC DUB /from the ‘Island Records Presents Dub’ collection/Spectrum 2014

8)CHARLES COHEN (US) – SLOW BLUE AND HORIZONTAL /from ‘A Retrospective’/ Morphine Records 2013

9)FOLLAKZOID (Chile) – RIO /from ‘II’/ Sacred Bones Records 2013

There was another fairly international cast the following week, with…

October 13th TKS Presents: ‘Into The O Zone’

1)’O’ LEVEL – EAST SHEEN /from the ‘Punk 45 Vol.2 There Is No Such Thing As Society…’ collection/ Soul Jazz Records 2014

2)THE ONLY ONES – ANOTHER GIRL, ANOTHER PLANET /from ‘The Only Ones’/ CBS Records 1978

3)THE OWL SERVICE – WILLIE O’WINSBURY /from ‘The View From A Hill’/ Rif Mountain 2010

4)DAPHNE ORAM – 2001 EFFECTS TAPE 2 /from ‘The Oram Tapes Volume One’/ Young Americans 2012

5)OBSTACLES – DEATH EXERCISE /from the ‘Deconstruction Of Movement’ E.P/ Obstacles(?) 2008

6)OOIOO – ENE SODA /from ‘Kila Kila Kila’/ Thrill Joockey Records 2004

7)OS MUTANTES – A MINHA MENINA /from ‘Os Mutantes’/ Polydor Records 1968

8)WILLIAM ONYEABOR – BODY AND SOUL /from the ‘Who Is William Onyeabor?’ collection/ Luaka Bop 2013

9)OM – FLIGHT OF THE EDGE /from ‘Conference Of The Birds’/ Holy Mountain 2006

And that epic took us out of the O Zone, but not for long!

October 20th TKS Presents: ‘Return To The O Zone’

1)ORANGE JUICE – SIMPLY THRILLED HONEY /from the collection of singles ‘The Glasgow School’/  Domino Records 2006

2)PETER ORLOVSKY – AMERICA GIVE A SHIT /from the collection ‘The Three Angels: Original Beat Poetry’/ Barely Breaking
Even Records 2001
3)ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER – AMERICANS /from ‘R Plus Seven’/ Warp Records 2013

4)OUR SLEEPLESS FOREST – NOMADS /from ‘Our Sleepless Forest’/ Resonant 2008

5)(1) KILO OF BLACK BONDAGE – MOGLOBIS /from ‘Fear The Windows’/ Wallace Records 2005

6)YOKO ONO – MIND HOLES /from ‘Fly’/ EMI Records 1971

7)JIM O’ROURKE – THROUGH THE NIGHT SOFTLY /from ‘Eureka’/ Domino Recording 1999

8)THE OSCILLATION – VEILS /from ‘Veils’/ All Time Low Productions 2011

9)THE ORB – CLOSE ENCOUNTERS /from ‘U.F.ORB’/ Island Records 1992

10)OVAL – MOMENTUM VR /from ‘Dok’/ Thrill Jockey Records 1998

That track from the prolific Markus Popp, who  both played and conducted a workshop here in Brno last year, brought the second excursion into the O Zone  to a close, and with it the last live broadcast of October. Thanks were due to Mirko Spano of Wallace Records and Demian Castellanos of The Oscillation help, as ever, much-appreciated!
For now, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight! S.

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts on Brno student/community radio station every Monday at approximately 10 p.m C.E.T


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