9/3/2015 TKS Presents: ‘Stranger Brews – A Saucerful of Brit-Psych’ tracklist

Around two hundred editions of The Kitchen Sink and none have included so many well-known bands, which is not to say that the sixty minutes spent drinking in a mix of some of the finest British psychedelic sounds was full of tracks you’d hear on commercial radio – two or three perhaps, but no more! Featuring the whimsical, the spacey, the propulsive, the backward(!) and a solid gathering (for want of a better collective noun) of fabulous guitarists, here’s the list:

1)The Who – Armenia City In The Sky /from ‘The Who Sell Out’/1967, Polydor Ltd 2009
2)The Yardbirds – Happenings Ten Years Time Ago /from ‘Roger The Engineer’/1966, Edsel Records 1983
More info: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/review/1942/
3)Twink – Fluid (alt.version 2) /from the reissue of ‘Think Pink’/1970, Sunbeam Records 2013
More info: http://www.sunbeamrecords.com/twink/twink.html
4)Toy – The Reasons Why /from ‘Toy’/ Heavenly 2012
More info: http://toy-band.com/
5)The Attack – Mr Pinnodmy’s Dilemma /from the ‘Final Daze’ collection/ Angel Air Records 2001
More info: http://www.marmalade-skies.co.uk/attack.htm
6)Pink Floyd – Remember A Day /from ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’/ EMI Records 1968
7)Teenage Filmstars – Feeding The Bluejays /from ‘Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness’/ Creation
Records 1997, Artpop! 2009    More info: http://www.televisionpersonalities.co.uk/edball.htm
8)Hawkwind – Cymbaline /from ‘Hawkwind’/on 1996 EMI reissue, originally Liberty Records 1970
More info: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/thebookofseth/hawkwind
9)The Glove – Looking Glass Girl /from ‘Blue Sunshine’/ Polydor Records 1983, Rhino Records 2006
More info: http://post-punk.com/artwork-of-the-gloves-jeanette-landray-plus-interview/
10)King Crimson – The Court Of The Crimson King /from ‘In The Court Of the Crimson King’/1969, DSG
2004    More info: http://www.dgmlive.com/kc/index.htm?bio=true
11)Spacemen 3 – Ecstacy In Slow Motion /from ‘Dreamweapon’/1990, Space Age Recordings 2003
More info: http://www.sonic-boom.info/

That feedback sculpture from Sonic Boom, recorded in the spring of 1987, brought a fairly diverse trip through the wonderful world of British psychedelic music to a close.  I’m sure it won’t be too long before more such sounds feature on another show. Wish anyone perusing this many a sonic delight! S.

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts almost every Monday at around 10 p.m CET/9 p.m UK on Brno community/student radio station http://www.radior.cz
A little more info:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kitchen-Sink-Show/137480636315364?ref=bookmarks


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