1/6/2015 TKS Presents: ‘ChiLab Thrills!’ tracklist

Following a focus on artists from, and drawn to, Chicago a couple of months back on The Kitchen Sink, this time it was some of the city’s independent labels which provided the 60 minutes of sonic delights. Lots of superb music to choose from when looking at the catalogues of the Touch and Go, Dance Mania, Thrill Jockey, Drag City, and Kranky labels; after much pondering, these were the ten tracks chosen:

1)Don Caballero – Lucky Father Brown /from ‘Singles Breaking Up (Vol.1)’/ Touch and Go Records 1999
More info: http://www.touchandgorecords.com/
2)Cocorosie – Rainbowarriors /from ‘The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn’/ Touch and Go 2007
More info: http://cocorosiemusic.com/
3)Robert Armani – Ambulance /from the ‘Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997’ collection/ Strut Records 2014 More info: http://dancemaniarecords.com/
4)Steve Gunn and Black Twig Pickers – Trailways Ramble /from ‘Seasonal Hire’/ Thrill Jockey Records 2015
More info: http://www.thrilljockey.com/index.html        http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Steve-Gunn-and-The-Black-Twig-Pickers/#.VYJ5klJGT7E
5)Colleen – Captain Of None /from ‘Captain Of None’/ Thrill Jockey Records 2015
More info: http://colleenplays.org/
6)Barn Owl – Void Redux /from ‘V’/ Thrill Jockey Records 2013
More info: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Barn-Owl/#.VYJ6kFJGT7E
7)Joanna Newsom – Inflammatory Writ /from ‘The Milk-Eyed Mender’/ Drag City Records 2004
More info: http://www.dragcity.com/   http://www.dragcity.com/artists/joanna-newsom
8)Ty Segall & White Fence – Tongues /from ‘Hair’/ Drag City Records 2012
More info: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/ty-segall-and-white-fence
9)Tim Hecker – Live Room /from ‘Virgins’/ Kranky Records 2013
More info: http://www.kranky.net/     http://www.sunblind.net/
10)Charalambides – Joy Shapes /from ‘Joy Shapes’/ Kranky Records 2004
More info: http://www.kranky.net/      http://www.kranky.net/artists/charalambides.html

Chicago labels, though two of them were founded in other cities (Touch and Go in East Lansing, MI, and Thrill Jockey in NYC), and the selection of tracks included artists from many corners of the U.S, plus Canada and France. I would have included Japanesese outfit Ghost in the Drag City focus, indeed was really tempted to, but Masaki Batoh and crew have featured several times, including fairly recently, on TKS.
As always, any comments on the selection very welcome.

Til next time, wishing you all many a sonic gem! S.

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts on Brno student/community radio station http://www.radior.cz at approximately 10 p.m CET every Monday from September to June (and occasionally during July/August).
More info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kitchen-Sink-Show/137480636315364


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