16/11/2015 TKS Presents: ‘The Age of Aquarius’ tracklist

Last night I didn’t dream of going to Manderley, or any other Cornish pile. I didn’t dream of a record shop either, but every once in a while I do, finding myself back in the partially subterranean vinyl heaven which was the original Parrot Records in Colchester; once again straightening the covers in the racks and chatting to one of the occasional regulars, who unfortunately weren’t regular enough to assist the shop’s survival.
It being a dream, despite working in the shop and knowing all the stock, I inevitably find two or three albums I just have to add to my record collection (and which would have eaten up my day’s pay back then – less than a quid an hour after deductions!). Perhaps it’s one of those first Nurse With Wound albums we never actually sold a copy of – all sent to another branch with the other stock when time was finally called on that cramped haven with its frayed crimson carpeting pocked by cigarette burns and the two steps down which some, finding themselves viewing an alien environment (‘doesn’t look like the kind of place to stock Bucks Fizz, does it?’), balked at, fleeing for the safety of the high street.
Yep, in the dream I can fork out the £3.99 for that never-sold copy of ‘Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella’, and also count pennies out for some other album so obscure and brilliant that it never actually existed! And once again the local music journalist will come in for the independent record chart for the Essex County Standard, and will be asked to return in a little while, allowing us time to finish (actually start and finish) compiling the top 5 albums and singles of the week;  back will come the two DJs we suspected added an extra 12″ or two to their bags while we searched through the masterbags out back, in a space even more claustrophobic than that the other side of the counter and, unfortunately, blind to the rest of the shop; again there’ll be the singer from local punk band Special Duties asking for US hardcore imports and, if I recall correctly, rarely leaving satisfied, or at least giving that impression; and in will come Martin Newell to check on sales of his Cleaners From Venus cassettes.
All gone; soon after closure the wall separating the shop from a neighbouring premises knocked down to make space for an Italian restaurant which doubtless didn’t play ‘Frankie Teardrop’ when wanting customers to leave prior to closing. Gone, except in dreams.
Of course, Martin Newell hasn’t gone, and his Cleaners From Venus  tracks have been collected and released on vinyl and CD, and been reviewed favourably in the New Arrivals lists of San Francisco’s Aquarius Records, a shop which opened just a few years before that first Parrot Records, but which is still going strong, celebrating its’ 45th birthday last Sunday, having been founded in 1970 (though apparently that fact may have been blurred by time, with an opening at the tail end of the 60’s a possibility).
This week’s The Kitchen Sink was a tribute to that independent institution, now on Valencia Street in the city’s Mission district, and to the New Arrivals lists of record reviews composed by the shop’s staff – reviews often of monumental length and so detailed that reading them can be akin to immersing oneself in the described sounds…..


With such write-ups it’s often impossible not to buy an album on spec, trusting the reviewer and not needing to check out a sample track, knowing that the anticipation leading to that first listen will be amply rewarded!
So to the tribute, eleven tracks from eleven albums, all of which were Records of the Week in New Arrivals lists and many of which I might never have become aware of were it not for those immense reviews; it seemed appropriate to start with a track from an album originally released in 1970, the (probable) year Aquarius Records was founded, and which earned a rave review on its’ reissue in 2007..

1)Bruce Haack – Program Me /from ‘The Electric Lucifer’/ The Omni Recording Corporation 2007
2)Bathtub Shitter – Skate Of Bulgaria /from ‘Dancehall Grind’/ Super Hit Jam Records 2005
3)Necro Deathmort – Origami Werewolf /from ‘This Beat Is Necrotronic’/ Distraction Records 2009
4)Teenage Filmstars – Time For A Change /from ‘The Epiphany Triptych’/ Artpop!  2009
5)Bill Holt – Program Ten Part Three /from ‘Dreamies 2006 Special Edition’/ Wilmington Studios 2005
6)Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumental 6 /from ‘Instrumentals 2015’/ Domino Recording Co. 2015
7)Francis Bebey – Wuma Te /from ‘African Electronic Music 1975-1982’/ Born Bad Records 2011
8)Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere – The Opposition Effect /from ‘Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere’/ Discus Music 2012
9)Murmuure – Primo Vere /from ‘Murmuure’/ Paradigms Recordings 2010
10)Archers of Loaf – Web In Front (7″ version) /bonus track from the reissue of ‘Icky Mettle’/ Fire Records 2011
11)The Garbage & the Flowers – Carousel (studio version) /from the reissue of ‘Eyes Rind as if Beggars’/ Fire Records 2013

Usually I’d include links for extra information about the artists and albums, but this time I’ll just suggest clicking on the link to the Aquarius Records New Arrivals lists included above and going straight to the reviews made it clear all the albums were essential purchases!
More on Aquarius can be found here:


Thanks this time are due to all at Aquarius, in particular joint aQ Overlord Allan Horrocks, and to all those who contribute to the labours of love which are the shop’s New Arrivals lists! Also to Masato Henmarer Morimoto of Bathtub Shitter for the promo copy of ‘Dancehall Grind‘, which arrived at the Radio Student office days after I’d read the glowing Aquarius review, which included a marvellous description of the singer’s vocal range and gymnastics!

Til next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight! S.

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