7/12, 14/12, & 21/12/2015 TKS Presents: ‘The Seconds Out – Trilogy’ tracklistings

Fast approaching the festive season, but don’t think I’m indulging in some of the musical excrement currently flooding shopping centres and commercial radio; while some crooners may have chestnuts roasting on open fires, my current indulgence is Vic Chesnutt‘s ‘North Star Deserter‘ album, a work wreathed in darkness but splashed with moments of warmth and  beauty, albeit wistful.
‘North Star Deserter’ was one of Chesnutt’s later albums, appearing seventeen years after his debut, ‘Little’, produced by fellow Athens, GA native Michael Stipe, and so not a work considered in the TKS focus on second albums. While some artists suffer the dreaded Sophomore Slump, many manage to match or exceed the work of their debuts; so many in fact that from the outset it was evident that more than one programme would be required to fit in tracks from notable second works. The first show focussed on psychedelic and cosmic sounds, from the 60’s to this decade, leaving out only tracks from the 1970’s, which featured on the second show; the final focus included more tracks from the 70’s, plus several from the early 80’s and a couple from this century to prove that The Kitchen Sink isn’t stuck in the sonic past!

7/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Psych+!’

1)Follakzoid – Rio /from ‘II’/ Sacred Bones Records 2013
More info: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr087-follakzoid-ii
2)Bonzo Dog Band – We Are Normal /from ‘The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse’/ Liberty Records 1968
More info: http://www.threebonzosandapiano.co.uk/threebonzosandapiano.co.uk/Welcome.html
3)Pearls Before Swine – Translucent Carriages /from ‘Balaklava’/ ESP Disk 1968
More info: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/style/features/rapp.htm
4)Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Schism Prism/Adamantios /from ‘Totem One’/ Conspiracy Records 2009
5)Mazzy Star – Mary of Silence /from ‘So Tonight That I Might See’/ Capitol Records 1993
More info: http://www.hopesandoval.com/music/mazzystar.shtml
6)Espers – Blue Mountain /from ‘The Weed Tree’/ Locust Music 2005
More info: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/espers
7)Mercury Rev – Downs Are Feminine Balloons /from ‘Boces’/ Beggars Banquet Records 1993
More info: http://www.mercuryrev.com/
8)Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere – Noctilucent /from ’02’/ Discus Music 2014
More info: http://discus-music.co.uk/catalogue-mobile/dis40cd-detail
9)Spacemen 3 – Walkin’ With Jesus /from ‘The Perfect Prescription’/ Glass Records 1987
More info: http://www.sonic-boom.info/spacemen3.php

14/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Sonic 70’s!’

1)Wire – Practice Makes Perfect /from ‘Chairs Missing’/ Harvest Records 1978
More info: http://www.pinkflag.com/
2)Cockney Rebel – Psychomodo /from ‘The Psychomodo’/ EMI Records 1974
3)Faust – Mamie Is Blue /from ‘Faust So Far’/ Polydor Records 1972
More info: http://www.art-errorist.de/
4)The Fall – Spectre Vs Rector /from ‘Dragnet’/ Step Forward Records 1979
More info: http://thefall.xyz/
5)Neu! – Super /from ‘Neu! 2’/ Brain Records 1973
More info: http://www.neu2010.com/
6)Patti Smith Group – Pissing In A River /from ‘Radio Ethiopia’/ Arista Records 1976
More info: http://www.pattismith.net/intro.html
7)Chrome – Pygmies In Zee Dark /from ‘Alien Soundtracks’/ Siren Records 1977
More info: http://www.helios-creed.com/
8)Pere Ubu – Ubu Dance Party /from ‘Dub Housing’/ Chrysalis Records 1978
More info: http://www.ubuprojex.com/
9)Public Image Ltd – Poptones /from ‘Metal Box’/ Virgin Records 1979
More info: http://www.pilofficial.com/info.html
10)Robert Wyatt – Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road /from ‘Rock Bottom’/ Virgin Records 1974
More info: http://www.strongcomet.com/wyatt/

21/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Round 3!’

1)Suicide – Mr. Ray /from ‘Suicide – Alan Vega & Martin Rev’/ Ze Records 1980
More info: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2008/aug/01/popandrock.suicide
2)Stereolab – Golden Ball /from ‘Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements’/ Elektra 1993
More info: http://www.stereolab.co.uk/news/
3)Eric’s Trip – View Master /from ‘Forever Again’/ Sub Pop Records 1994
More info: https://www.subpop.com/artists/erics_trip
4)Peter Hammill – Slender Threads /from ‘Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night’/ Charisma Records 1973
More info: http://www.vandergraafgenerator.co.uk/chamelon.htm
5)Dunaj – Kobylky /from ‘Rosol’/ Pavian Records 1991
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunaj_%28band%29
6)The Sound – Jeopardy /from ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’/ Korova Records 1981
More info: http://www.brittleheaven.com/
7)Ufomammut – Blotch /from ‘Snailking’/ Supernatural Cat Records 2004
More info: http://www.ufomammut.com/
8)Burial – Endorphin /from ‘Untrue’/ Hyperdub Records 2007
More info: http://www.hyperdub.net/search/index/burial
9)Nico – Evening of Light /from ‘The Marble Index’/ Elektra Records 1968
More info: https://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/thebookofseth/nico-the-marble-index
10)Moebius & Beerbohm – Minimotion /from ‘Double Cut’/ 1984, Bureau B Records 2010
More info: http://www.bureau-b.com/moebius.php
11)Brian Eno – The Great Pretender /from ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’/ Island Records 1974
More info: http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/brian_eno/

Three shows and there could easily have been four or five; perhaps in the future the trilogy will be added to!
Til next time, that is, til next year, wishing you many a sonic delight, whether it be festive or some gleeful irreverence! S.

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More info: https://www.facebook.com/The-Kitchen-Sink-Show-137480636315364/?ref=bookmarks

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2 Responses to “7/12, 14/12, & 21/12/2015 TKS Presents: ‘The Seconds Out – Trilogy’ tracklistings”

  1. Truly some great bands and tracks here! Your depth of musical knowledge is very impressive. Glad to see my favorite band Mercury Rev and a couple of others dear to me (Suicide and Stereolab). The Bonzo Dog Band/Pearls Before Swine was pretty eye-catching! Nicely done!!! –Paul

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