The Kitchen Sink track listings February-July 2016

When it comes to procrastination, this takes the biscuit. Not just the biscuit, but the whole packet, crumbs included. The following track listings are so late I’ve been tempted to give up on them; however, I know that some people just can’t get enough lists, while one or two just might be interested in the ingredients which made up the nine sonic mixes broadcast between February 29th and July 25th……..

TKS Presents: ‘Sounds & Visions’ (broadcast 29/2/2016)

1)David Bowie – Sons Of The Silent Age /from ‘Heroes’/1977
2)Jurgen Knieper – The Sky Over Berlin /from ‘Wings of Desire’/1988 (film released 1987)
3)Lubos Fiser – The Magic Yard /from ‘Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders’/2006 (film released 1970)
4)Michael Nyman – Time Lapse /from ‘Drowning By Numbers’/1988
5)Billy Green – Eco Blue/Toadstrip /from ‘Stone’/1974
6)John Carpenter – The Fog Enters Town /from ‘The Fog’/1980
7)Angelo Badalamenti – Questions In A World Of Blue /from ‘Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me’/1992
8)Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seat Belt /from ‘Solaris’/2002
9)Mica Levi – Love /from ‘Under The Skin’/2013
10)Florian Fricke – Last Village /from ‘Kailash’/2015
11)David Bowie – Subterraneans /from ‘Low’/1977

Listen here:

TKS Presents: ’21st Century Psychedelic’ (broadcast 7/3)

1)Wooden Shjips – Dance, California /from ‘Vol. 1’/2008
2)Carlton Melton – Out To Sea /from ‘Out To Sea’/2015
3)The Oscillation – Shake Your Dreams Awake /from ‘Veils’/2011
4)Gnod – Visions Of Load /from ‘Chaudelande’/2013
5)Ghost – Motherly Bluster /from ‘In Stormy Nights’/2007
6)White Hills – Dead /from ‘Dead E.P/2009
7)Espers – That Which Darkly Shines /from ‘III’/2009
8)Alexander Tucker – You Are Many /from ‘Furrowed Brow’/2007
9)White Rainbow – Mystic Prism /from ‘Prism Of Eternal Now’/2007


TKS Presents: ‘Metallic K.O’ (broadcast 4/4)

1)Iggy And The Stooges – Raw Power /from ‘Raw Power’/1973
2)Slayer – Angel Of Death /from ‘Reign In Blood’/1986
3)Melvins – Night Goat /from ‘Night Goat’ 7″ single/1992
4)Boris – Hama /from ‘Amplifier Worship’/1998
5)Napalm Death – Dead /from ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’/2009
6)Discharge – Doomsday /bonus track on ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’/2003 (orig.1982)
7)Napalm Death – Deceiver /from ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’/2009
8)Glenn Branca – The Ascension /from ‘The Ascension’/1981
9)Chrome – Perfumed Metal /from the ‘Anthology 1979-1983’ collection/2004
10)Wolf Eyes – Village Oblivia /from ‘Burned Mind’/2004
11)Skullflower – Night Tripper /from the ‘Kino IV: Black Sun Rising’ collection/2013
12)Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Pt.4 /from ‘Metal Machine Music’/1975


TKS Presents: ‘ITALIA SONICA III’ (broadcast 11/4)

1)Leg Leg – Manta /from ‘Manta’/ Wallace Records 2009
2)Mattia Coletti – Sofia Malevic /from ‘Pantagruele’/Wallace Records 2009
3)OVO – Case Bruciate /from ‘Crocevia’/2008
4)Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – Roma Violenta (New Special Squad) /from ‘Roma Violenta’/1975
5)Ghibli – I’m Looking For You /from ‘I’m Looking For You’ 12″/1985, Dark Entries Records 2016
6)Maurizio Abate – Mystic Strings 2 /from ‘Mystic Strings’/2007
7)Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin – Take Me To The River (Ghana) /from ‘Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin’/2015
8)Battiato – Anafase /from ‘Fetus’/1971
9)OVO – I Canniballi /from ‘Abisso’/2013
10)Manuel Zurria – Lachrimae Coactae (by John Dowland) /from ‘Landscape With Tears’/2015
11)Makhno – Custer /from ‘Silo Thinking’/2012
12)Sensations’ Fix – Cold Nose Story /from ‘Music Is Painting In The Air (1974-1977)’/2012


TKS Presents: ‘YOU!’ (broadcast 25/4)

1)Au Pairs – You /1979 7″, included on ‘Playing With A Different Sex’ reissue/1992
2)Kleenex – Ain’t You /1978 7″, included on ‘Kleenex/Liliput 1977 1983’/2011
3)Tu M’ – What You Say? /from ‘The Wire Tapper 13’ collection/2005
4)Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – I Love You, You Big Dummy /from ‘Lick My Decals Off, Baby’/1970
5)Daphne Oram – Just For You (Excerpt One) /from ‘The Oram Tapes Volume One’/2011
6)Projekt Transmit – Follow You /from ‘Projekt Transmit’/2009
7)Boredoms – Super You /from ‘Super Ae’/1998
8)Arthur Russell – Arm Around You /from the ‘Calling Out Of Context’ collection/2004
9)Shackleton – I Want To Eat You /from the ‘Picking O’er The Bones’ collection/2009
10)Pendler – You Come /from ‘You Come To Me’/2006
11)Olga Wojciechowska – I’m Never Not Thinking About You /from ‘Maps And Mazes’/2015
12)Rocketnumbernine – You Reflect Me /from ‘You Reflect Me’/2008


TKS Presents: ‘Of Sleep & Dreams’ (broadcast 2/5)

1)The Third Eye Foundation – Sleep /from ‘Semtex’/1996, reissued 2016
2)Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming /from ‘Toward The Within’/1994
3)Damon & Naomi with Ghost – I Dream Of The Caucasus /from ‘Damon & Naomi with Ghost’/2000
4)Low – Try To Sleep /from ‘C’Mon’/2011
5)The Necks – The Sleep of Champions /from ‘Music for the feature film The Boys’/2004
6)Matana Roberts – Dreamer of Dreams /from ‘Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee’/2015
7)John Fahey – Dream of the Origin of the French Broad River /from ‘Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You: The Fonotone Years 1958-1965’/2011
8)Patrick Cowley – The Jungle Dream /from ‘Muscle Up’/2015
9)Sparklehorse – Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain /from ‘Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain’/2006

TKS Presents: ’80’s Dance Fever!’ (broadcast 9/5)

1)Material with Nona Hendryx – Bustin’ Out /1980, from the ‘Ze Records Story 1979-2009’/2009
2)Luther Davis – You Can Be A Star /from the ‘Soul Cal’ collection/2012
3)Blurt – Get /7″ single/1980
4)Some Bizarre – Don’t Be Afraid /12″ single/1983, reissued by Dark Entries Records 2016
5)Blaine L. Reininger – Mystery And Confusion /1984, from the ‘Les Disques du Crepuscule 1980-1985’ collection/2008
6)Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened /from ‘Since The Accident’/1983
7)Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Dub Syndicate – Time Conquer /from ‘Time Boom X De Devil Dead’/1987
8)Hercules – 7 Ways /1986, from ‘Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997’/2014
9)Ministry – Over The Shoulder /1985, from the ‘Metal Dance 2’ collection/2013
10)Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter /1983, from the ‘Genius Of Time Larry Levan’ collection/2016
11)The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party /1980, from the ‘Cold Waves Minimal Electronics’ collection/2010
12)Bhundu Boys – Zvichatinetsa /1983, from ‘The Shed Sessions’/2001


TKS Presents: ‘(From & To) Europe’s Heart’ (broadcast 6/6)

1)Marius Konvoj – Negatronic /self-released/2008
More info:
2)Metamorphosis – Aquarium /from ‘Metamorphosis’/1999
More info:
3)Slede, Zive Slede – Lide Se Boji Deste, Utikaji Pred Nim /from ‘Rostliny! Rostliny!’/Indies Records 2000
More info:
4)Dunaj – The Circle Has Closed /from ‘Dudlay’/1993
More info:
5)Rale – Nelze Vejit /from ‘Rale’/1994
6)Napszyklat – D.I.Y /from ‘Napszyklat’/2009
7)Reve General – Dunaj /from ‘Howl Recorded on stage at Le Brise Glace, Annecy’/2015
More info:
8)Pendler – Stay In The Series Forever /from ‘Hey Translators’/2015
More info:
9)Vritti – Oka Chamber /from ‘Sermon@ Kabinet Muz’/2016
More info:
10)Zlodeji Usi – Vinnetou /from ‘Zlodeji Usi/The Ear Thieves’/2000
More info:
11)Don Vito – Shnejbl Animal /from ‘Who The Hell Is Don Vito?’/2013
More info:
12)Sajtban – III /from a split-release with Site/2014
More info:
13)Tara Fuki – Sen /from ‘Piosenki Do Snu’/2001
More info:
14)Sky To Speak – And Ruin Comes After (Troniq Remix) /from ‘Ruin’ E.P/2013
More info:


TKS Presents: ‘Eastern Angles’  (broadcast 25/7)

1)13th Chime – Cats Of Toulouse (Midnight Mix) /from ‘Noir’/2016
More info:
2)Blah Blah Blah – Breeder /from the ’30th Anniversary’ collection/2008
More info:
3)Hyper Kinako – Fucksake Sujiko (demo) /from the ‘WombatOnebat’ collection/NR One Records 2006
More info:
4)Sennen – I Couldn’t Tell You /from ‘Widows’/2005
More info:
5)Slugworth – Sing La /from the ‘3P’ EP/2015
More info:
6)Squarepusher – Dimotane Co. /from ‘Feed Me Weird Things’/1996
More info:
7)Jotnarr – Rise In Sin /from the ‘Burn And Bury’ EP/2015
More info:
8)Nagamatzu – Shakedown /1986, from the ‘Neural Interval’ collection/2014
More info:
9)Roger Eno -Between Tides /from ‘Between Tides’/1992
More info:
10)Extreme Noise Terror – Human Error /from the ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’ collection/2009
More info:
11)Laura Cannell – Time Burns Falling Stars /from ‘Beneath Swooping Talons’/2015
More info:
12)Disco Inferno – Summer’s Last Sound /from the ‘The 5 EPs’ collection/2011
More info:
13)Joolie Wood – Crow Flies /from the ’45 Birds’ 2 songs & 2 films release/2010
More info:
14)Cleaners From Venus – Stay On /from ‘Living With Victoria Grey’/1986
More info:

Listen here:

That’s it. Of course, I need to wind this up by thanking a few people for their kind assistance – kudos to Johnny Rhys-Lewis, Joolie Wood, Stephen Jarvis of Nagamatzu, Josh Cheon of Dark Entries Records, Dave Middle of 13th Chime, Richard Deutsch of Metamorphosis & Reve General, Pendler, Matej Kotoucek of Sky To Speak, Mirko Spino of Wallace Records, Demian Castellanos of The Oscillation, and everyone else who has offered support over the past months!
A new semester is beginning, the radio studio, newly-renovated, is hopefully functional, and already plans for another batch of sonic journeys are formulating, but this time there won’t be such a monumental delay in typing up track lists – really! Wishing anyone perusing this many an aural delight, S. x

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts most Mondays at 22.05 on Brno student/community radio station

More information:




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