3/10/16 TKS Presents: ‘Sonic Warfare’ tracklist

Jumping straight in to the heart of the matter, or rather the facts which matter – the sonic ingredients of the latest journey on The Kitchen Sink, which was dedicated to the memory of Vi Subversa of Poison Girls (1935-2016):

1)CRASS – Fight War Not Wars /from ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’/ Small Wonder Records 1978
More info: https://crass.bandcamp.com/album/the-feeding-of-the-5000-2
2)RAMLEH – Renaissance Warfare /from ‘Circular Time’/ Crucial Blast Records 2015
More info: https://crucialblast.bandcamp.com/album/circular-time
3)THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Old Man Atom /from the ‘Protest! American Protest Songs 1928-1953’ collection/ The Viper Label 2006
More info: http://www.the-viper-label.co.uk/catalogue/various-protest-american-protest-songs-1928-to-1953-cddl-036/
4)DISCHARGE – Cries of Help /from ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’/ Clay Records 1982
More info: http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Discharge/Hear_Nothing_See_Nothing_Say_Nothing/57082/
5)TUNNG – Bullets /from ‘Good Arrows’/ Full Time Hobby Records 2007
More info: http://www.tunng.co.uk/
6)POISON GIRLS – Take The Toys /from ‘Where’s The Pleasure’/ Xntrix Records 1982
More info: http://www.poisongirls.co.uk   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/vi-subversa-inspirational-elder-stateswoman-of-punk-who-co-founded-poison-girls-denizens-of-its-a6889691.html
7)MARK HOLLIS – A Life (1895-1915) /from ‘Mark Hollis’/ Polydor Ltd Uk 1998
More info: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/15957-laughing-stock-mark-hollis/
8)GABRIEL SALOMAN – Mine Field /from ‘Soldier’s Requiem’/ Miasmah Recordings 2013
More info: https://gabrielsaloman.bandcamp.com/
9)PYHA – #8 (English title not found) /from ‘The Haunted House’/ tUMULt 2008
More info: https://www.aquariusrecords.org/bin/search.cgi/keyword=pyhahauncd

Unfortunately, somehow the last track, by Korean teenager Pyha, was cruelly cut short due to – well, I don’t know whether I knocked the mouse with my elbow or what, but…hopefully the 7 minutes which were broadcast was sufficient to persuade anyone with an interest in black metal experimentation to track the album down and buy a copy! (I’d suggest this for ALL the tracks played on TKS!).
In case anyone reading this/listening to the show hasn’t realised, the selection of music wasn’t intended to glorify war in any way; unfortunately, too many boys still have too many toys and too many of them are in positions of power….
Wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight and, yes – Fight War Not Wars! S.

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/theshinybeast/tks202-sonic-warfare/

The Kitchen Sink broadcasts almost every Monday at 22.05 C.E.T on Brno student/community radio station http://www.radior.cz


~ by theshinybeast on October 7, 2016.

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