3/4/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Rain’n’Cats’n’Dogs’ tracklist

Yep, it was rain ‘n’ cats ‘n’ dogs back at the beginning of April on The Kitchen Sink, thankfully not meteorologically, there being no deluge in the studio, but the well-known 17th century phrase did provide the inspiration for a nicely diverse sonic focus…..

1) Faust – It’s A Rainy Day, Sunsine Girl /from ‘Faust So Far’/ Polydor 1972
2) Elodie Lauten – Cat Counterpoint /from ‘Piano Works Revisited’/ Unseen Worlds 2010
3) Pere Ubu – Use Of A Dog /from ‘Song Of The Bailing Man’/ Rough Trade 1982
4) Brigitte Fontaine – Il Pleut /from the ‘Dirty French Psychedelics’ collection/ Dirty 2009
5) Robert Petway – Catfish Blues /from ‘The Rough Guide To Delta Blues’/ World Music Network 2002
6) Broken Heart Collector – Get The Dog /from ‘Broken. Heart. Collector’/ Discorporate Records 2011
7) Scott Walker – It’s Raining Today /from ‘Scott 3’/ Phonogram Ltd 1969
8) Evangelista – Paper Kitten Claw /from ‘Hello, Voyager’/ Constellation Records 2008
9) Devendra Banhart – Dogs They Make Up The Dark /from ‘Rejoicing In The Hands’/ Young God Records 2004
10) The Tinklers with X.X.O.O. – Black Dog /from the ‘Black Dog E.P’/ Music a la Coque 2001
11) Zappa/Mothers – Dog Breath In The Year Of The Plague /from ‘Meat Light’/ Zappa Records 2016
12) Disco Inferno – Scattered Showers /from ‘The 5 EPs’/ One Little Indian Records 2011
13) Meg Baird – Even Rain /from ‘Seasons On Earth’/ Wichita Recordings 2011
14) Amon Duul II – Sandoz In The Rain (Improvisation) /from ‘Yeti’/ Liberty Records 1970

That classic, considered by some as one of the launching pads the space rock genre, brought the show to an end on a night when, though I might have passed one of the neighbourhood stray cats on the way home, I don’t recall encountering any canines or the showers which the fourth month is associated with…
Wishing you many an aural pleasure! S.

Interested in this sonic selection? Listen here:


~ by theshinybeast on July 9, 2017.

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