22/5/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Beyond The Fjords – Sonic Explorations From Norway’ tracklist

With the Czech Republic currently struggling beneath the heavy oppressive heat usually associated with the Balkans at this time of year, but lacking the opportunities to dive into cooling waters offered by that areas western, southern and eastern  coastlines, now (5.28 a.m, 28.2 degrees celsius) appears a good time to turn the mind to Norway’s deep blue fjords.

Back in 2002, The Wire magazine issued an excellent compilation of sounds entitled ‘Fjord Focus: A Norwegian Sampler’; excellent sounds, but the title, besides bringing a certain car to mind, also left something to be desired in its intimation that all of the artists and their work was influenced by the country’s numerous long inlets. Many of those whose work is on the collection are urban dwellers and the sounds they produce aren’t inspired by glacial channels and don’t bring them to mind. For instance, Kim Hiorthoy was born and grew up in the northern city of Trondheim, studied there and in Copenhagen, and currently resides in Berlin – his track Tak induces thoughts of many things – childhood play, a certain wistfulness,  experimental sounds in a similar vein by the Japanese producer Cornelius – but not fjords…..  When trying to come up with a title for the collection of sounds from Norway featured on The Kitchen Sink towards the end of May, having had it pointed out that many of the artists on the intended menu similarly reside in urban environments such as Oslo and Bergen (and, in the case of Giorgio Moroser, NYC), it was tough to come up with something connected to the country but suggesting a wider palette of influences – ‘Beyond The Fjords’ was as close as I could get.
So, to the sounds on the menu , starting in the capital with…..

1) Hedvig Mollestad Trio – In The Court Of The Trolls /from ‘Black Stabat Mater’/ Rune Grammofon 2016
More info: http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/hedvig-mollestad-trio/  https://soundcloud.com/hedvigmollestadtrio
2) Shining – Stalemate Longan Runner /from ‘Grindstone’/ Rune Grammofon 2007
More info: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/grindstone-shining-rune-grammofon-review-by-john-kelman.php
3) Hanne Hukkelberg – Cast Anchor /from ‘Little Things’/ Propeller Recordings 2004, Leaf 2005
More info: http://www.hannehukkelberg.com/
4) Moon Relay – ////////L /from ‘Moon Relay’/ Fysisk Format 2014
More info: http://www.fysiskformat.no/wp_ff/roster/moon-relay/  https://moonrelay.bandcamp.com/album/moon-relay
5) Barchan – Soliton (intro) /from ‘Soliton’/ Silken Tofu 2015
More info: https://silkentofu.bandcamp.com/album/soliton
6) Jenny Hval & Susanna – I Have Walked This Body /from ‘Meshes Of Voice’/ SusannaSonata 2014
More info: http://susannasonata.com/product/meshes-of-voice-jenny-hval-susanna/
7) Giorgio Moroser – Horrific /from ‘Giorgio Moroser’/ 2016
More info: https://giorgiomoroser.bandcamp.com/releases
8) 1982 – 04.09 /from ‘Chromola’/ Hubro 2017
More info: http://hubromusic.com/   (includes fjord image!)
9) Nils Okland – Straum /from ‘Straum’/ Rune Grammofon 2000
More info: http://nilsokland.no/
10) Phonophani – Fertiliser /from ‘Genetic Engineering’/ Rune Grammofon 2001
More info: https://soundcloud.com/phonophani  http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/phonophani/rcd-2016-phonophani-genetic-engineering-cd/

Starting in Oslo, finishing in Bergen with Espen Sommer Eide‘s Phonophani project. Thanks this time are due to James Welburn for the monolithic Barchan track and pointing out the urban origins/residences of many of the artists, and Christian Naess of Moon Relay. And to you, for reading this! S.

Listen to the programme here:


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