The Kitchen Sink track listings February-July 2016

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When it comes to procrastination, this takes the biscuit. Not just the biscuit, but the whole packet, crumbs included. The following track listings are so late I’ve been tempted to give up on them; however, I know that some people just can’t get enough lists, while one or two just might be interested in the ingredients which made up the nine sonic mixes broadcast between February 29th and July 25th……..

TKS Presents: ‘Sounds & Visions’ (broadcast 29/2/2016)

1)David Bowie – Sons Of The Silent Age /from ‘Heroes’/1977
2)Jurgen Knieper – The Sky Over Berlin /from ‘Wings of Desire’/1988 (film released 1987)
3)Lubos Fiser – The Magic Yard /from ‘Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders’/2006 (film released 1970)
4)Michael Nyman – Time Lapse /from ‘Drowning By Numbers’/1988
5)Billy Green – Eco Blue/Toadstrip /from ‘Stone’/1974
6)John Carpenter – The Fog Enters Town /from ‘The Fog’/1980
7)Angelo Badalamenti – Questions In A World Of Blue /from ‘Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me’/1992
8)Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seat Belt /from ‘Solaris’/2002
9)Mica Levi – Love /from ‘Under The Skin’/2013
10)Florian Fricke – Last Village /from ‘Kailash’/2015
11)David Bowie – Subterraneans /from ‘Low’/1977

Listen here:

TKS Presents: ’21st Century Psychedelic’ (broadcast 7/3)

1)Wooden Shjips – Dance, California /from ‘Vol. 1’/2008
2)Carlton Melton – Out To Sea /from ‘Out To Sea’/2015
3)The Oscillation – Shake Your Dreams Awake /from ‘Veils’/2011
4)Gnod – Visions Of Load /from ‘Chaudelande’/2013
5)Ghost – Motherly Bluster /from ‘In Stormy Nights’/2007
6)White Hills – Dead /from ‘Dead E.P/2009
7)Espers – That Which Darkly Shines /from ‘III’/2009
8)Alexander Tucker – You Are Many /from ‘Furrowed Brow’/2007
9)White Rainbow – Mystic Prism /from ‘Prism Of Eternal Now’/2007


TKS Presents: ‘Metallic K.O’ (broadcast 4/4)

1)Iggy And The Stooges – Raw Power /from ‘Raw Power’/1973
2)Slayer – Angel Of Death /from ‘Reign In Blood’/1986
3)Melvins – Night Goat /from ‘Night Goat’ 7″ single/1992
4)Boris – Hama /from ‘Amplifier Worship’/1998
5)Napalm Death – Dead /from ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’/2009
6)Discharge – Doomsday /bonus track on ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’/2003 (orig.1982)
7)Napalm Death – Deceiver /from ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’/2009
8)Glenn Branca – The Ascension /from ‘The Ascension’/1981
9)Chrome – Perfumed Metal /from the ‘Anthology 1979-1983’ collection/2004
10)Wolf Eyes – Village Oblivia /from ‘Burned Mind’/2004
11)Skullflower – Night Tripper /from the ‘Kino IV: Black Sun Rising’ collection/2013
12)Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music Pt.4 /from ‘Metal Machine Music’/1975


TKS Presents: ‘ITALIA SONICA III’ (broadcast 11/4)

1)Leg Leg – Manta /from ‘Manta’/ Wallace Records 2009
2)Mattia Coletti – Sofia Malevic /from ‘Pantagruele’/Wallace Records 2009
3)OVO – Case Bruciate /from ‘Crocevia’/2008
4)Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – Roma Violenta (New Special Squad) /from ‘Roma Violenta’/1975
5)Ghibli – I’m Looking For You /from ‘I’m Looking For You’ 12″/1985, Dark Entries Records 2016
6)Maurizio Abate – Mystic Strings 2 /from ‘Mystic Strings’/2007
7)Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin – Take Me To The River (Ghana) /from ‘Oswaldovi & Andrea Rottin’/2015
8)Battiato – Anafase /from ‘Fetus’/1971
9)OVO – I Canniballi /from ‘Abisso’/2013
10)Manuel Zurria – Lachrimae Coactae (by John Dowland) /from ‘Landscape With Tears’/2015
11)Makhno – Custer /from ‘Silo Thinking’/2012
12)Sensations’ Fix – Cold Nose Story /from ‘Music Is Painting In The Air (1974-1977)’/2012


TKS Presents: ‘YOU!’ (broadcast 25/4)

1)Au Pairs – You /1979 7″, included on ‘Playing With A Different Sex’ reissue/1992
2)Kleenex – Ain’t You /1978 7″, included on ‘Kleenex/Liliput 1977 1983’/2011
3)Tu M’ – What You Say? /from ‘The Wire Tapper 13’ collection/2005
4)Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – I Love You, You Big Dummy /from ‘Lick My Decals Off, Baby’/1970
5)Daphne Oram – Just For You (Excerpt One) /from ‘The Oram Tapes Volume One’/2011
6)Projekt Transmit – Follow You /from ‘Projekt Transmit’/2009
7)Boredoms – Super You /from ‘Super Ae’/1998
8)Arthur Russell – Arm Around You /from the ‘Calling Out Of Context’ collection/2004
9)Shackleton – I Want To Eat You /from the ‘Picking O’er The Bones’ collection/2009
10)Pendler – You Come /from ‘You Come To Me’/2006
11)Olga Wojciechowska – I’m Never Not Thinking About You /from ‘Maps And Mazes’/2015
12)Rocketnumbernine – You Reflect Me /from ‘You Reflect Me’/2008


TKS Presents: ‘Of Sleep & Dreams’ (broadcast 2/5)

1)The Third Eye Foundation – Sleep /from ‘Semtex’/1996, reissued 2016
2)Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming /from ‘Toward The Within’/1994
3)Damon & Naomi with Ghost – I Dream Of The Caucasus /from ‘Damon & Naomi with Ghost’/2000
4)Low – Try To Sleep /from ‘C’Mon’/2011
5)The Necks – The Sleep of Champions /from ‘Music for the feature film The Boys’/2004
6)Matana Roberts – Dreamer of Dreams /from ‘Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee’/2015
7)John Fahey – Dream of the Origin of the French Broad River /from ‘Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You: The Fonotone Years 1958-1965’/2011
8)Patrick Cowley – The Jungle Dream /from ‘Muscle Up’/2015
9)Sparklehorse – Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain /from ‘Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain’/2006

TKS Presents: ’80’s Dance Fever!’ (broadcast 9/5)

1)Material with Nona Hendryx – Bustin’ Out /1980, from the ‘Ze Records Story 1979-2009’/2009
2)Luther Davis – You Can Be A Star /from the ‘Soul Cal’ collection/2012
3)Blurt – Get /7″ single/1980
4)Some Bizarre – Don’t Be Afraid /12″ single/1983, reissued by Dark Entries Records 2016
5)Blaine L. Reininger – Mystery And Confusion /1984, from the ‘Les Disques du Crepuscule 1980-1985’ collection/2008
6)Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened /from ‘Since The Accident’/1983
7)Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Dub Syndicate – Time Conquer /from ‘Time Boom X De Devil Dead’/1987
8)Hercules – 7 Ways /1986, from ‘Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997’/2014
9)Ministry – Over The Shoulder /1985, from the ‘Metal Dance 2’ collection/2013
10)Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter /1983, from the ‘Genius Of Time Larry Levan’ collection/2016
11)The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party /1980, from the ‘Cold Waves Minimal Electronics’ collection/2010
12)Bhundu Boys – Zvichatinetsa /1983, from ‘The Shed Sessions’/2001


TKS Presents: ‘(From & To) Europe’s Heart’ (broadcast 6/6)

1)Marius Konvoj – Negatronic /self-released/2008
More info:
2)Metamorphosis – Aquarium /from ‘Metamorphosis’/1999
More info:
3)Slede, Zive Slede – Lide Se Boji Deste, Utikaji Pred Nim /from ‘Rostliny! Rostliny!’/Indies Records 2000
More info:
4)Dunaj – The Circle Has Closed /from ‘Dudlay’/1993
More info:
5)Rale – Nelze Vejit /from ‘Rale’/1994
6)Napszyklat – D.I.Y /from ‘Napszyklat’/2009
7)Reve General – Dunaj /from ‘Howl Recorded on stage at Le Brise Glace, Annecy’/2015
More info:
8)Pendler – Stay In The Series Forever /from ‘Hey Translators’/2015
More info:
9)Vritti – Oka Chamber /from ‘Sermon@ Kabinet Muz’/2016
More info:
10)Zlodeji Usi – Vinnetou /from ‘Zlodeji Usi/The Ear Thieves’/2000
More info:
11)Don Vito – Shnejbl Animal /from ‘Who The Hell Is Don Vito?’/2013
More info:
12)Sajtban – III /from a split-release with Site/2014
More info:
13)Tara Fuki – Sen /from ‘Piosenki Do Snu’/2001
More info:
14)Sky To Speak – And Ruin Comes After (Troniq Remix) /from ‘Ruin’ E.P/2013
More info:


TKS Presents: ‘Eastern Angles’  (broadcast 25/7)

1)13th Chime – Cats Of Toulouse (Midnight Mix) /from ‘Noir’/2016
More info:
2)Blah Blah Blah – Breeder /from the ’30th Anniversary’ collection/2008
More info:
3)Hyper Kinako – Fucksake Sujiko (demo) /from the ‘WombatOnebat’ collection/NR One Records 2006
More info:
4)Sennen – I Couldn’t Tell You /from ‘Widows’/2005
More info:
5)Slugworth – Sing La /from the ‘3P’ EP/2015
More info:
6)Squarepusher – Dimotane Co. /from ‘Feed Me Weird Things’/1996
More info:
7)Jotnarr – Rise In Sin /from the ‘Burn And Bury’ EP/2015
More info:
8)Nagamatzu – Shakedown /1986, from the ‘Neural Interval’ collection/2014
More info:
9)Roger Eno -Between Tides /from ‘Between Tides’/1992
More info:
10)Extreme Noise Terror – Human Error /from the ‘Grind Madness At The BBC’ collection/2009
More info:
11)Laura Cannell – Time Burns Falling Stars /from ‘Beneath Swooping Talons’/2015
More info:
12)Disco Inferno – Summer’s Last Sound /from the ‘The 5 EPs’ collection/2011
More info:
13)Joolie Wood – Crow Flies /from the ’45 Birds’ 2 songs & 2 films release/2010
More info:
14)Cleaners From Venus – Stay On /from ‘Living With Victoria Grey’/1986
More info:

Listen here:

That’s it. Of course, I need to wind this up by thanking a few people for their kind assistance – kudos to Johnny Rhys-Lewis, Joolie Wood, Stephen Jarvis of Nagamatzu, Josh Cheon of Dark Entries Records, Dave Middle of 13th Chime, Richard Deutsch of Metamorphosis & Reve General, Pendler, Matej Kotoucek of Sky To Speak, Mirko Spino of Wallace Records, Demian Castellanos of The Oscillation, and everyone else who has offered support over the past months!
A new semester is beginning, the radio studio, newly-renovated, is hopefully functional, and already plans for another batch of sonic journeys are formulating, but this time there won’t be such a monumental delay in typing up track lists – really! Wishing anyone perusing this many an aural delight, S. x

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The Kitchen Sink’s ‘2015 Retro’ tracklists

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Fast heading towards the middle of March, so the listing of the tracks from a trio of programmes devoted to sonic highlights from 2015 is belated in the extreme, but hopefully still of interest! The fact that the focus stretched to three shows is testimony both to the wealth of great sounds released last year, and to the fact I might have spent rather more than planned on music….Still, when the money is spent on the following, who’s to complain?!

‘2015 Retro Pt.1’ (archival releases, reissues, collections – broadcast 11/1/2016)

1)Doug Hream Blunt – Gentle Persuasion /from ‘My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt’/ Luaka Bop records
2)Medium Medium – Hungry, So Angry /from ‘Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979-1984’/On U Sound
3)Sun City Girls – Esoterica Of Abyssinia /from ‘Torch Of The Mystics’/ Abduction Records
4)Mad Dog Fire Department – Cosmic Funk /from ‘Disco 2 A Further Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1976-80’/ Soul Jazz Records
5)Maki Asakawa – Nemuru No Ga Kowai /from ‘Maki Asakawa’/ Honest Jons Records
6)Kosmose – The Tenth Untitled Track/30.2 /from ‘Kosmic Music From The Black Country’/ Sub Rosa
7)Slate Islands – Proud Maisrie /from the ‘Shirley Inspired…’ collection/ Earth Records
8)Coil – AYOR (It’s In My Blood) /from ‘Backwards’/ Cold Spring
9)Ata Kak – Daa Nyinaa /from ‘Obaa Sima’/ Awesome Tapes From Africa
10)Patrick Cowley – Timelink /from ‘Muscle Up’/ Dark Entries Records

‘2015 Retro Pt.2’ (best new releases – broadcast 25/1/2016)

1)Mbongwana Star – Kala /from ‘From Kinshasa’/ World Circuit
2)Jenny Hval – Sabbath /from ‘Apocalypse, girl’/ Sacred Bones Records
3)Steve Gunn & Black Twig Pickers – Cardinal 5 /from ‘Seasonal Hire’/ Thrill Jockey Records
4)Matana Roberts – J.P. /from ‘Coin Coin Chapter Three River Run Thee’/ Constellation Records
5)Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – The Rest Of Us /from ‘Never Were The Way She Was’/ Constellation Records
6)Colleen – Eclipse /from ‘Captain Of None’/ Thrill Jockey Records
7)Lightning Bolt – Horsepower /from ‘Fantasy Empire’/ Thrill Jockey Records
8)Laura Cannell – Born From The Soil /from ‘Beneath Swooping Talons’/ Front & Follow
9)Reve General – Death of Illusions /from ‘Howl Recorded on stage at Le Brise Glace, Annecy’/ Altrock
10)Jerusalem In My Heart – The Brown One Cast A Spell /from ‘If He Dies, If If If If If If’/ Constellation Records
11)Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness /from ‘Have You In My Wilderness’/ Domino Recording Co.
12)Follakzoid – Feuerzeug /from ‘III’/ Sacred Bones Records

‘2015 Retro EXtra’ (more of the best new releases, reissues and collections – broadcast 15/2/2016)

1)Comsat Angels – Missing In Action /from ‘Waiting For A Miracle’/ Edsel
2)Richard Youngs – Inside The Future /from ‘Inside the Future’/ Glass Redux
3)Laddio Bolocko – Afrostructure Pt.1 /from ‘Live & Unreleased 1997-2000’/ No Quarter Records
4)Jim O’Rourke – That Weekend /from ‘Simple Songs’/ Drag City Records
5)Savant – The Neo-Realist /from ‘Artificial Dance’/ RVNG Intl.
6)James Welburn – Naught /from ‘Hold’/ Miasmah Recordings
7)Isobel Campbell – Don’t Make It Easy /from ‘Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton’/ Tompkins Square Records
8)Svalbard – Perspective /from ‘One Day All This Will End’/ Bandcamp/Holy Roar Records
9)Guapo – Obscure Knowledge Pt.III /from ‘Obscure Knowledge’/ Cuneiform Records

Three programmes, thirty-one albums, and still I didn’t have time to fit in a piece from Flying Saucer Attack‘s excellent ‘Instrumentals 2015’ album or a piece from Shit And Shine‘s ’54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral’, both of which would usually have featured. Will 2016 prove such a rich year musically? We’ll see. If there are only half as many cracking works, I’ll be happy.
Thanks are due this time to James Welburn, and Svalbard, and to the reviewers at aQuarius Records and The Wire magazine for their enthususiastic words which led me to purchase a few of the albums feature on the three highlights shows!
Til next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight! S.

All of the above shows can be found on Mixcloud:

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7/12, 14/12, & 21/12/2015 TKS Presents: ‘The Seconds Out – Trilogy’ tracklistings

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Fast approaching the festive season, but don’t think I’m indulging in some of the musical excrement currently flooding shopping centres and commercial radio; while some crooners may have chestnuts roasting on open fires, my current indulgence is Vic Chesnutt‘s ‘North Star Deserter‘ album, a work wreathed in darkness but splashed with moments of warmth and  beauty, albeit wistful.
‘North Star Deserter’ was one of Chesnutt’s later albums, appearing seventeen years after his debut, ‘Little’, produced by fellow Athens, GA native Michael Stipe, and so not a work considered in the TKS focus on second albums. While some artists suffer the dreaded Sophomore Slump, many manage to match or exceed the work of their debuts; so many in fact that from the outset it was evident that more than one programme would be required to fit in tracks from notable second works. The first show focussed on psychedelic and cosmic sounds, from the 60’s to this decade, leaving out only tracks from the 1970’s, which featured on the second show; the final focus included more tracks from the 70’s, plus several from the early 80’s and a couple from this century to prove that The Kitchen Sink isn’t stuck in the sonic past!

7/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Psych+!’

1)Follakzoid – Rio /from ‘II’/ Sacred Bones Records 2013
More info:
2)Bonzo Dog Band – We Are Normal /from ‘The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse’/ Liberty Records 1968
More info:
3)Pearls Before Swine – Translucent Carriages /from ‘Balaklava’/ ESP Disk 1968
More info:
4)Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Schism Prism/Adamantios /from ‘Totem One’/ Conspiracy Records 2009
5)Mazzy Star – Mary of Silence /from ‘So Tonight That I Might See’/ Capitol Records 1993
More info:
6)Espers – Blue Mountain /from ‘The Weed Tree’/ Locust Music 2005
More info:
7)Mercury Rev – Downs Are Feminine Balloons /from ‘Boces’/ Beggars Banquet Records 1993
More info:
8)Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere – Noctilucent /from ’02’/ Discus Music 2014
More info:
9)Spacemen 3 – Walkin’ With Jesus /from ‘The Perfect Prescription’/ Glass Records 1987
More info:

14/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Sonic 70’s!’

1)Wire – Practice Makes Perfect /from ‘Chairs Missing’/ Harvest Records 1978
More info:
2)Cockney Rebel – Psychomodo /from ‘The Psychomodo’/ EMI Records 1974
3)Faust – Mamie Is Blue /from ‘Faust So Far’/ Polydor Records 1972
More info:
4)The Fall – Spectre Vs Rector /from ‘Dragnet’/ Step Forward Records 1979
More info:
5)Neu! – Super /from ‘Neu! 2’/ Brain Records 1973
More info:
6)Patti Smith Group – Pissing In A River /from ‘Radio Ethiopia’/ Arista Records 1976
More info:
7)Chrome – Pygmies In Zee Dark /from ‘Alien Soundtracks’/ Siren Records 1977
More info:
8)Pere Ubu – Ubu Dance Party /from ‘Dub Housing’/ Chrysalis Records 1978
More info:
9)Public Image Ltd – Poptones /from ‘Metal Box’/ Virgin Records 1979
More info:
10)Robert Wyatt – Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road /from ‘Rock Bottom’/ Virgin Records 1974
More info:

21/12 TKS Presents: ‘Seconds Out – Round 3!’

1)Suicide – Mr. Ray /from ‘Suicide – Alan Vega & Martin Rev’/ Ze Records 1980
More info:
2)Stereolab – Golden Ball /from ‘Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements’/ Elektra 1993
More info:
3)Eric’s Trip – View Master /from ‘Forever Again’/ Sub Pop Records 1994
More info:
4)Peter Hammill – Slender Threads /from ‘Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night’/ Charisma Records 1973
More info:
5)Dunaj – Kobylky /from ‘Rosol’/ Pavian Records 1991
More info:
6)The Sound – Jeopardy /from ‘From The Lion’s Mouth’/ Korova Records 1981
More info:
7)Ufomammut – Blotch /from ‘Snailking’/ Supernatural Cat Records 2004
More info:
8)Burial – Endorphin /from ‘Untrue’/ Hyperdub Records 2007
More info:
9)Nico – Evening of Light /from ‘The Marble Index’/ Elektra Records 1968
More info:
10)Moebius & Beerbohm – Minimotion /from ‘Double Cut’/ 1984, Bureau B Records 2010
More info:
11)Brian Eno – The Great Pretender /from ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’/ Island Records 1974
More info:

Three shows and there could easily have been four or five; perhaps in the future the trilogy will be added to!
Til next time, that is, til next year, wishing you many a sonic delight, whether it be festive or some gleeful irreverence! S.

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23/11/2015 TKS Presents: ‘Water, Water, Every Where!’ tracklist

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It could have been ‘Water Music’ or ‘World of Water’- perhaps those titles would have attracted more listeners, but who’s to turn down the chance to quote a little Coleridge? Granted, he didn’t capitalize every word, or include an exclamation mark, and the titular mariner probably wasn’t entertaining thoughts of a musical nature as he surveyed the calm equatorial ocean, and the content of the sonic journey didn’t to my knowledge include any mention of an albatross or slimy things, but, darn it, ‘Water, Water, Every Where!’ it had to be.
Having previously done a focus called ‘At Sea’ which included tracks referencing oceans and seas, this time the criterion for inclusion in the mix was simple, the title had to include the word ‘water’. The 59-minute voyage started and finished with tracks which restricted themselves to nothing more than that noun, though the opener did match ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ in it’s employment of ‘rot’, J Mascis exhorting that it was ‘no time to rot’, while Samuel Taylor’s stricken  seaman observed that ‘the very deep did rot – Oh Christ!’ Happily, things did look up later for the mariner, and hopefully the sounds included in the show didn’t plunge any listeners into the depths of despond!
As mentioned above, we embarked with J Mascis at the helm…..

1)Dinosaur Jr – Water /from ‘Green Mind’/ WEA Records 1991
More info:
2)Tommy Johnson – Cool Drink Of Water Blues /1928, included on ‘The Rough Guide To Delta Blues’/ World Music Network 2002
More info:
3)Fuzzy Lights – Through Water /from ‘Twin Feathers’/ Little Red Rabbit Records 2010
More info:
4)HysM? Duo – Chains Of Water /from ‘Science In Action’/ Lemming Records 2012
More info:
5)Sam Hamilton – Blue Tide, Black Water (pop edit) /from the ‘Dirt Beneath the Daydream’ collection/ The Audio Foundation 2009
More info:
6)Josephine Foster – Waterfall /from ‘Blood Rushing’/ Fire Records 2012
More info:
7)Charlie Patton – High Water Everywhere Pt.1 /from ‘The Best of Charlie Patton’/ Yazoo Records 2003
More info:
8)Young Echo – Voices On The Water /from ‘Nexus’/ Ramp Recordings 2013
More info:
9)The International Nothing – Deepwater Horizon /from ‘The Dark Side Of Success’/ Ftarri 2014
More info:
10)Charles Cohen – Water /from ‘A Retrospective’/ Morphine Records 2013
More info:

Landlocked here in Brno, one can only long for expanses of water, though not those of the devastating 1927 Mississippi floods which Charlie Patton sang about – that disaster saw an area almost the size of the Czech Republic under 3o feet of water! With that in mind, just the thirst-quenching cool drink Tommy Johnson desired would suffice…Enough rumination; if you didn’t listen to the programme, but are interested in hearing the above sounds, all you have to do is click here:

Til next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight, S.

P.S Don’t be afraid to comment – any feedback is very welcome!

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16/11/2015 TKS Presents: ‘The Age of Aquarius’ tracklist

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Last night I didn’t dream of going to Manderley, or any other Cornish pile. I didn’t dream of a record shop either, but every once in a while I do, finding myself back in the partially subterranean vinyl heaven which was the original Parrot Records in Colchester; once again straightening the covers in the racks and chatting to one of the occasional regulars, who unfortunately weren’t regular enough to assist the shop’s survival.
It being a dream, despite working in the shop and knowing all the stock, I inevitably find two or three albums I just have to add to my record collection (and which would have eaten up my day’s pay back then – less than a quid an hour after deductions!). Perhaps it’s one of those first Nurse With Wound albums we never actually sold a copy of – all sent to another branch with the other stock when time was finally called on that cramped haven with its frayed crimson carpeting pocked by cigarette burns and the two steps down which some, finding themselves viewing an alien environment (‘doesn’t look like the kind of place to stock Bucks Fizz, does it?’), balked at, fleeing for the safety of the high street.
Yep, in the dream I can fork out the £3.99 for that never-sold copy of ‘Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella’, and also count pennies out for some other album so obscure and brilliant that it never actually existed! And once again the local music journalist will come in for the independent record chart for the Essex County Standard, and will be asked to return in a little while, allowing us time to finish (actually start and finish) compiling the top 5 albums and singles of the week;  back will come the two DJs we suspected added an extra 12″ or two to their bags while we searched through the masterbags out back, in a space even more claustrophobic than that the other side of the counter and, unfortunately, blind to the rest of the shop; again there’ll be the singer from local punk band Special Duties asking for US hardcore imports and, if I recall correctly, rarely leaving satisfied, or at least giving that impression; and in will come Martin Newell to check on sales of his Cleaners From Venus cassettes.
All gone; soon after closure the wall separating the shop from a neighbouring premises knocked down to make space for an Italian restaurant which doubtless didn’t play ‘Frankie Teardrop’ when wanting customers to leave prior to closing. Gone, except in dreams.
Of course, Martin Newell hasn’t gone, and his Cleaners From Venus  tracks have been collected and released on vinyl and CD, and been reviewed favourably in the New Arrivals lists of San Francisco’s Aquarius Records, a shop which opened just a few years before that first Parrot Records, but which is still going strong, celebrating its’ 45th birthday last Sunday, having been founded in 1970 (though apparently that fact may have been blurred by time, with an opening at the tail end of the 60’s a possibility).
This week’s The Kitchen Sink was a tribute to that independent institution, now on Valencia Street in the city’s Mission district, and to the New Arrivals lists of record reviews composed by the shop’s staff – reviews often of monumental length and so detailed that reading them can be akin to immersing oneself in the described sounds…..

With such write-ups it’s often impossible not to buy an album on spec, trusting the reviewer and not needing to check out a sample track, knowing that the anticipation leading to that first listen will be amply rewarded!
So to the tribute, eleven tracks from eleven albums, all of which were Records of the Week in New Arrivals lists and many of which I might never have become aware of were it not for those immense reviews; it seemed appropriate to start with a track from an album originally released in 1970, the (probable) year Aquarius Records was founded, and which earned a rave review on its’ reissue in 2007..

1)Bruce Haack – Program Me /from ‘The Electric Lucifer’/ The Omni Recording Corporation 2007
2)Bathtub Shitter – Skate Of Bulgaria /from ‘Dancehall Grind’/ Super Hit Jam Records 2005
3)Necro Deathmort – Origami Werewolf /from ‘This Beat Is Necrotronic’/ Distraction Records 2009
4)Teenage Filmstars – Time For A Change /from ‘The Epiphany Triptych’/ Artpop!  2009
5)Bill Holt – Program Ten Part Three /from ‘Dreamies 2006 Special Edition’/ Wilmington Studios 2005
6)Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumental 6 /from ‘Instrumentals 2015’/ Domino Recording Co. 2015
7)Francis Bebey – Wuma Te /from ‘African Electronic Music 1975-1982’/ Born Bad Records 2011
8)Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere – The Opposition Effect /from ‘Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere’/ Discus Music 2012
9)Murmuure – Primo Vere /from ‘Murmuure’/ Paradigms Recordings 2010
10)Archers of Loaf – Web In Front (7″ version) /bonus track from the reissue of ‘Icky Mettle’/ Fire Records 2011
11)The Garbage & the Flowers – Carousel (studio version) /from the reissue of ‘Eyes Rind as if Beggars’/ Fire Records 2013

Usually I’d include links for extra information about the artists and albums, but this time I’ll just suggest clicking on the link to the Aquarius Records New Arrivals lists included above and going straight to the reviews made it clear all the albums were essential purchases!
More on Aquarius can be found here:

Thanks this time are due to all at Aquarius, in particular joint aQ Overlord Allan Horrocks, and to all those who contribute to the labours of love which are the shop’s New Arrivals lists! Also to Masato Henmarer Morimoto of Bathtub Shitter for the promo copy of ‘Dancehall Grind‘, which arrived at the Radio Student office days after I’d read the glowing Aquarius review, which included a marvellous description of the singer’s vocal range and gymnastics!

Til next time, wishing anyone perusing this many a sonic delight! S.

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26/10/2015 TKS Presents: ‘Twenty Years Ago’ and 2/11/2015 ‘La La Land’ tracklists

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Where were you in ’95? Thinking back two decades and it was Canada, with the result that the news stories which have stuck in my head are largely North American-based. Of course, toward the end of the year it was the Quebec referendum which took centre stage; results coming in through the night, with it looking at one stage as if the vote might see the province leave Canada, this still being the case when I had to hit the sack, not able to keep my eyes open long enough to see the citizens of Montreal tip the balance in favour of staying together. What else? With regard to disasters,  images of the Oklahoma City bombing remain, as well as news of the volcanic eruption in Montserrat, but perhaps images of the latter come from documentaries viewed much later.
Then there were the Simpsons; firstly the apparently massive miscarriage of justice which saw OJ found not-guilty of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman; then, the story which attracted much debate at the Friendship Centre in Alberta where I worked – who shot Mr Burns? Naturally, none of use foresaw that it was Maggie Simpson!
And to music. As I wasn’t aware of his existence, the disappearance of Richey Edwards didn’t register. Missing a gig by Neil Young, supported by Sonic Youth, in Edmonton is something I’m not going to forget – okay, the venue was an ice-hockey arena, but – Neil Young AND Sonic Youth!?
Before leaving Canada, there were a few purchases, including the first quartet of CDs in the TKS collection, this some thirteen or fourteen years after the first ones arrived at a record shop I was working in – arrived and were greeted with unanimous derision. Due to their size, other musical purchases that year were limited to cassettes, including, if memory serves, Lido by Th’ Faith Healers, Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits and probably an album or two by the aforementioned Mr Young!
Songs from three of the quartet of CDs featured among the eleven sonic gems on ‘Twenty Years Ago’, starting with…

1)The Smashing Pumpkins – Bodies /from ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’/ Virgin Records 1995
2)Scrooge – Hit The Pig /from ‘Happy What Else’/ Trost Records 1995
More info:
3)Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees /from ‘The Bends’/ EMI Records 1995
4)Mercury Rev – Everlasting Arm /from ‘See You On The Other Side’/ Beggars Banquet Records 1995
5)Nine Inch Nails – At The End Of It All /from ‘Further Down The Spiral’/ tvt/interscope Records 1995
6)John Hiatt – Ethylene /from ‘Walk On’/ Capitol Records 1995
7)The Dead C – Bitcher /from ‘The White House’/ Siltbreeze Records 1995
More info:
8)PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love /from ‘To Bring You My Love’/ Island Records 1995
9)Scott Walker – Face On Breast /from ‘Tilt’/ Fontana Records 1995
10)The Heads – Widowmaker (Peel Session 10/11/95) /included on ‘Relaxing With…’/ Rooster Records 2010
More info:
11)Tricky – Aftermath /from ‘Maxinquaye’/ Island Records 1995

That slice from Tricky‘s cracking debut brought our trip to 1995 to a close. In case anyone is interested, the three CDs from those original four were ‘Melon Collie…‘, ‘Walk On’, and ‘Further Down The Spiral‘, and the CD not featured was the debut by Garbage.

On to this week’s sonic excursion to ‘La La Land’ – clutching at straws while looking for a theme, perhaps? Well, the important thing is that there was opportunity to play some tasty sounds, beginning, not in L.A, but further east, in Nashville, home of Kurt Wagner‘s wonderful….

1)Lambchop – Your Fucking Sunny Day /from ‘Thriller’/ Merge Records 1997
2)The La’s – Callin’ All /from ‘BBC In Session’/ Universal Polydor 2006
3)Bascom Lamar Lunsford – The Last Gold Dollar /from ‘Ballads, Banjo Tunes, And Sacred Songs’/ Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 1996
More info:
4)Gasper Lawal – Kita Kita /1980, from the collection ‘Nigeria70’/ Strut Records 2009
More info:
5)Land Of Giants – Cannibal Dolls /from the collection ‘Cold Waves Minimal Electronics’/ Angular Recording   Corporation 2010
6)Lhasa – La Maree Haute /from ‘The Living Road’/ Les Disques Audiogramme Inc. 2003
More info:
7)La La Vasquez – Horror Stories /from a split 7″ single with Neonates/ OneC Records 2011
More info:
8)Labradford – So (Matmos Remix) /from ‘The Wire Tapper 5’ compilation/ The Wire 2000
9)Lard Free – Synthetic Seasons Pt.4 /from ‘III’/ Cobra Records 1977
More info:
10)Laura Cannell – All The Land Ablaze /from ‘Beneath Swooping Talons’/ Front & Follow Records 2015
More info:
11)La Dusseldorf – La Dusseldorf /from ‘La Dusseldorf’/ Teldec Records 1976
More info:

And that tribute to the delights of Klaus Dinger‘s home city ended our stay in La La Land. I should point out that until googling the title in search of an appropriate image for use in advertising the programme, I had no idea there was a film of the same name.

Til next time, wish you many a sonic delight, S.

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19/10/2015 TKS Presents: ‘Some Things In The Air’ tracklist

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There are many more enjoyable and no doubt rewarding activities than spending time immersed in Phil Collins‘ grey matter, which perhaps explains why, to my knowledge, noone, including the drummer, has yet pinpointed the ‘it’ he could feel coming in the air. Penned at least five years prior to the publication of Stephen King‘s novel, ‘it’ can’t have been influenced by that coulrophobia-inducing titular character -though Collins does remember that he was ‘just fooling around’ when the lyrics came to him during a songwriting session in the studio…..So, oh Lord, just what was ‘it’? A cheque for one of those sessions with Eno which produced ‘Taking Tiger Mountain’ or ‘Another Green World’? A film script featuring the part of a loveable rogue? The vision of a psychopathic killer who’s obsessed with his music?! Someone using the identity of ‘it‘ as the starting point for a brief musical voyage featuring things which can be found in the air?
Due to the length of the pieces, there were only seven possibilities covered in the sonic focus on The Kitchen Sink this week, plus ‘Flight’, the power of which is obviously essential when wanting to stay off terra firma for any length of time….
We took off with the following (not a fighter pilot as erroneously identified in the introductory spiel on the show!):

1)The Red Crayola – Hurricane Fighter Plane /from ‘The Parable of Arable Land’/ International Artists 1967
More info:
2)Meg Baird – Mosquito Hawks /from ‘Don’t Weigh Down The Light’/ Wichita Recordings 2015
More info:
3)Alice Cooper – Halo Of Flies /from ‘Killer’/ Warner Bros 1971
More info:
4)RocketNumberNine – Doodlebug  /from ‘You Reflect Me’/ Champion Version 2008
More info:
5)Hidden Orchestra – Flight /from ‘Archipelago’/ Tru Thoughts 2012
More info:
6)Eleven Twenty-Nine – Leaf In A Whirlwind /from ‘Eleven Twenty-Nine’/ Northern Spy Records 2010
More info:
7)Coil – Bee Stings /from ‘Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases)’/ Eskaton 2002
More info:
8)Gong – Flying Teapot /from ‘Flying Teapot’/ Virgin Records 1973
More info:

That tribute to Daevid Allen brought our sixty-minute search for ‘it’ to a close. It was out of the studio and into the damp air of a typically quiet Brno night, oh Lord, oh Lord.

Til next time, wishing you all many a sonic delight, S.

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