17/7/2017 TKS Presents: ‘Loop Europa’ tracklist

There had been several previous such tours on The Kitchen Sink before this, including, if memory serves, a couple around and across Europe, a couple of transglobal expeditions, and one around Africa. The theme allows a diverse selection of sounds, as evidenced by the menu of this programme…….

1) Hexenschuss (NL) – Are You Multifocal? /from ‘Gobbledegook’/ 2017
More info: https://www.hexxenschuss.com/
2) Guts Pie Earshot (D) – It’s Never New /from ‘Chapter Two Volume One’/ Big House Records 2005
More info: http://www.gutspieearshot.de/
3) Marta Heberle (PL) – Black Rainbow /from the ‘SHAPE PLATFORM 2016’ collection/ Shape Platform/The Wire 2016
More info: http://shapeplatform.eu/artist/marta-heberle/
4) TOLE (CZ) – DogBagDisorder /from the ‘SHAPE PLATFORM 2016’ collection/ Shape Platform/The Wire 2016
More info: http://shapeplatform.eu/2016/tea-with-tole-an-interview-with-martin-kohout/
5) Jacques Kustod (SK) – Bizarre Space Objects /from ‘I Am Deranged’/ Evocative Objects 2017
More info: https://soundcloud.com/jacques-kustod/sets/jacques-kustod-i-am-deranged http://evocativeobjects.com/
6) Bulbul (A) – The Lack Of The Key /from ‘Bulbul’/ Trost Records 1998
More info: https://bulbul.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-eisen
7) Lophorina (CH) – Mediterranean /from ‘Lophorina’ E.P/ Modell 2012
More info: https://lophorina.bandcamp.com/
8) Felicia Atkinson (F) – Visnaga /from ‘Hand In Hand’/ Shelter Press 2017
More info: https://feliciaatkinson.bandcamp.com/
9) Kosmose (B) – The Second Untitled Track B.93.1 /from ‘Kosmic Music From The Black Country’/ Sub Rosa 2015
More info: https://www.subrosa.net/en/catalogue/soundworks/kosmose.html

Plus, as this was the last broadcast before a summer break, on a sultry July evening…….

10) Fennesz (A) – Endless Summer /from ‘Endless Summer’/ Editions Mego 2001
More info: http://www.fennesz.com/

Of course the summer did end, rather abruptly in Central Europe, but autumn means the start of another university semester and hence more sonic excursions on The Kitchen Sink coming up very soon!

Til the next time, wishing anyone perusing this many an aural delight, S.

Listen to the programme here:



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